Lady Gaga Cocaine Use Admission Dangerous For Teen Fans

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Lady Gaga came right out and said that she uses Cocaine “occasionally” in a recent Vanity Fair interview and that single statement sends a loud signal to her young fans that drug use is “Okay.”

“Kids look up to these music stars and when they says someone is ‘cool’ then the kids follow them like rats to the Pied Piper” said one of readers.

The statement that Gaga made about her ongoing drug use doesn’t just endanger kids, it could hurt Gaga fans of any age who may either be on the fence about using drugs or ever worse, fans that have had past drug abuse problems and decide to fall off the wagon as they follow Gaga.

“I think Lady Gaga has hit an all time low,” said one former Gaga fan, “I’m no prude, but Lady Gaga saying she uses coke is shocking, when you have the influence she has and you advocate drug use, you can bet countless people will suffer, it’s so wrong, I don’t know how she sleeps at night, oh wait, maybe she doesn’t sleep!”


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Gaga has been making plenty of bad choices as of late, and many are in the name of “shock value” which often translates in to sale, however, condoning drug use is crossing the line. I think I hear the choir singing the verses, “BOYCOTT GAGA, BOYCOTT GAGA.”

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