Johnny Manziel Indicted By Dallas County Grand Jury

Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel has been formally indicted by a Dallas County grand jury. The indictment is on a misdemeanor assault charge and is expected to be formally announced Monday.

A neighbor of Manziel’s ex-girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, told Fort Worth police on Saturday that Crowley had been assaulted by the former Browns QB.

Johnny-Manziel fired

A Dallas County grand jury has handed down a true bill of indictment against former Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, a source in the district attorney’s office told News 8. The indictment, on a misdemeanor assault charge, is expected to be formally announced Monday. Continue reading

DASHCAM: Troy Smith BLITZED Can’t Remember Alphabet In Arrest Video

Troy Smith, the former Ohio State superstar and Heisman Trophy winner royally busted for DUI, was so inebriated during his arrest, he could not remember the alphabet.

TMZ published the dashcam video of the embarrassing arrest shot by the Westerville, OH police officers when the Smith was pulled over early Sunday morning.

Troy Smith arrest video

The cops put him through the field sobriety paces, which included reciting the alphabet — not even backwards — and Smith had to bail out early. Smith also informed the officers he’d “graduated from Ohio State with a degree in bachelors.” Continue reading

Johnny Manziel Shows Up To Practice Intoxicated, Likely Fired

Cleveland Browns‘ QB Johnny Manziel, has been permanently benched after reportedly showing up to practice inebriated.

Manziel, aka Johnny Football, was spotted partying at a Vegas casino the night before a game according to a report by the USA Today.

Johnny-Manziel fired

@TonyGrossi says Manziel showed up at facility this week, “Disheveled and inebriated.” Continue reading

Brown Family BANNED From Visiting Bobbi Kristina Over Photo Leak

Bobby Brown‘s side of the family is no longer allowed to visit Bobbi Kristina in hospice after a deathbed photo emerged and was shopped to gossip outlets.

Sources say, Pat Houston‘s security detail, stationed at Bobbi Kristina’s hospice, informed Houston‘s family that there was evidence showing a connection between a Brown family member and the person who took the photo.


Bobbi Kristina’s estate — run by her legal guardians — made the decision to ban the Browns. We’re also told although they know the culprit … they’re not naming names at this point. Continue reading

REP: Johnny Manziel IN REHAB

Professional party boy and Cleveland Browns QB, Johnny Manziel, has entered treatment over what his reps are calling off-the-field issues.

A Manziel family spokesperson confirmed, Johnny entered treatment last Wednesday.

Johnny Manziel alcoholic skip bayless

“Johnny knows there are areas he needs to improve on to help him be a better family member, friend and teammate, so he decided to take this step in his life during the offseason,” said Beckworth. Continue reading

ESPN Analyst: Johnny Manziel Is A RAGING ALCOHOLIC

Skip Bayless, ESPN‘s star analyst just explained the REAL issue(s) with Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel – saying that Johnny is an alcoholic – and a liar.

Bayless made the shocking comments hosting ESPN’s popular sports wrap-up show “First Take.”

Johnny Manziel alcoholic 3

Bayless told Stephen A. Smith he’s spoken with many people “in and around the Cleveland Browns” organization and is convinced the 22-year-old has a serious drinking problem. Continue reading

Who Is Samantha Schacher? And Why Is She Suing Johnny Manziel?

Samantha Schacher is suing Johnny Manziel for sexual harassment.


Schacher is an HLN contributor and Dr. Drew On Call co-host.

Schacher seemingly filed a sexual harassment lawsuit against Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel, however, an HLN spokesperson claims the suit is a hoax filed by someone other than Schacher.

Continue reading

Quarterback Steve McNair Killed



Former Tennessee Titans quarterback Steve McNair was shot and killed, Nashville police are saying.    McNair, 36, was found with an unnamed female accomplice.  He had been killed by a gunshot wound to the head.

“I don’t have any answers for you now as to what’s happened, who’s responsible,” Don Aaron, spokesperson for the Nashville Police Department, said.  He did say that residents living in a nearby apartment complex are being questioned but only for information.  There are currently no suspects.

McNair had played 11 seasons with the Tennessee Titans.  He retired  in 2007, after playing for the Baltimore Ravens for two years.

“We are saddened and shocked to hear the news of Steve McNair’s passing today,” said a statement from Titans owner K.S. “Bud” Adams Jr.   No statement has been released by McNair’s family