Photos: Daytime Emmy Stars Hanging Out at Las Vegas Hilton

Last night, the Daytime Emmy Awards were held at the Las Vegas Hilton. I did not watch the show on TV, I was there at the Hilton!

Regis hosts Emmys

If you were just ‘driving by’ the Las Vegas Hilton before the Daytime Emmys show yesterday, you couldn’t really tell that this big event was going to be held there. There was not a big red carpet outside and no streets were closed off. I’ve been to other big award shows like the Oscars, and all of Hollywood Blvd. is closed off from La Brea to Highland. Security is steaked out like a Presidential affair, and there are mega tents in the middle of the street that might as well be solid buildings, surrounded by fences and more security. Paparazzi and various world news channels are everywhere, and this goes on for a week strong.

For the Daytime Emmys, it’s an easy 2 day setup and breakdown. There are a lot of stars, but I guess they just don’t do it like the Oscars.

Later that day, when I went inside of the Hilton, I finally stumbled upon the big red carpet. I assume that they set up the red carpet inside, because it is over 100 degrees outside in Vegas. Makeup and faces would melt! I’m so glad there was a big red carpet! I was worried when I didn’t see one outside. The carpet stretched across the main casino, to all the way around the corner, back past Benihana, and ended at doors of the Hilton Bistro.

Although I didn’t watch the Emmys in the theater, I was there hanging out like I do sometimes. When the awards show ended, all of the stars from the show began to walk by me. I recognized some of the daytime TV stars from grazing the “TV Guide” in the market. I was like, “Oooh that’s ehh that one guy from that one show!” and “I know that chick from set or mmm maybe she’s on a soap opera too??” I then went ahead and got out my iPhone camera at this point.

Carnie Wilson

Now that I had my camera out, there were finally a few stars who passed me and I knew exactly who they were! First, Carnie Wilson came by and we stroked each other’s egos. She was nice and took pictures with the fans. Ok guys, when I say a star is nice and takes pictures with their fans-then they get awarded my stamp of approval! Not all stars are nice and good to their fans! Carnie Wilson was tops!

Regis Philbin and Joy

Guess who came by next!? Superstar Regis Philbin and his wife Joy walked by and stopped for pictures after Carnie! They were nice and they both looked great, but his wife is smoking hot! She’s an older lady, but wow she’s a 10! Okay, so Regis and Joy are officially approved.

Susan Lucci

Lastly, the bell of the ball, the soap opera legend, Susan Lucci and her date stopped for pictures. The legend she is! Susan was just as beautiful as she is on TV, fit, great smile and just a happy woman! She gladly took pictures with fans and said a few nice words to them. Just look at her! Love it. Approved!

Most of the other stars seemed like they were “too busy” for pictures, or they really just weren’t interested in their fans. That is the worst. The fans and limelight come with the industry! Get into it!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at “Comic-Con” Today!

Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson

Dearest hot man Robert Pattinson is done with movie Remember Me in New York, and now in San Diego, California for Comic-Con today Thursday!!! Here he is at the airport JFK on his way to San Diego.

What’s happening while Comic-Con awaits Robert’s arrival…

Pandemonium! Fans lined up on the outside streets of San Diego on Wednesday night for their chance to see Rob Pattinson and their other favorite Twilight cast members at Comic Con. Kristen Stewart who plays “Bella” in Twilight, is another one of the favorite cast members who is also attending Comic-Con today! Oh lord! I’m dancing and jumping up and down inside!!!

“ has exclusively learned that the most famous vampire of all, Robert Pattinson, will attend the sold out special Twilight Experience screening Thursday night in San Diego. 2450 lucky ticket holders will fill all 15 theaters and will have the chance to see their favorite vampire Edward Cullen as well as other cast members. Fans spent the night outside the theater in tents, sleeping bags and beach chairs eagerly awaiting their chance to watch Twilight back on the big screen and hopefully see Rob in the flesh!”

Rob is a magnet! He is so attractive in many ways, but I think it’s his high level of pheromones! You can just smell the ‘Old English’ through this picture!

Can’t wait to see the pictures from Comic-Con later today!!!

Hundreds Honor David Carradine’s Funeral Today

David Carradine in Kung Fu show

David Carradine in Kung Fu show

More than 400 people, including numerous actors, attended actor and legend David Carradine’s funeral today in Los Angeles.

Breitbart reports: “Services and the burial were private. Among those seen entering the memorial service were the actor’s brother, Keith Carradine, longtime friend Michael Madsen and “Kill Bill” co-star Lucy Liu.”

We at ThecounT are big fans of DC. Love and RIP. XO

Michael Jackson Is Looking For Another Kid


Michael Jackson has reportedly made contact with a British adoption agency because he wants to extend his family.

The singer, whose 50-date residency at London’s O2 arena has completely sold out, is already father to twelve-year-old Prince Michael I, Paris, 11, and Prince Michael II, seven.

A source told the Sunday Express: “His life is his children. Wherever he goes, they go, and he has said it would be good to have another child.

“Contact has been made with an adoption agency in Britain which has a very good reputation.”

The source added that Jackson feels like he has the backing of British fans. “He feels he has shaken off the sex abuse allegations. It is a new beginning,” the insider added.

I think we need to give babies to other more deserving celebrities like Nick Nolte. Stop hogging all the babies Angelina and MJ!!!


Channing Tatum GI JOE

Channing Tatum is mighty fine in this spread for Vanity Fair. What a classy photo..I LOVE THE CAR. If you don’t know who Channing is he was the main dude in those “Step Up” movies. He also played a role in “Stop-Loss”.

Upcoming film roles for him are in the “GI JOE” film coming out this year and “The Stanford Prison Experiment”…which I’m kinda excited about. Good idea for a film.

He is supposedly dating the girl from Step Up…Jenna Dewan (who also had a fling with Justin Timberlake)


Hollywood Needs You! German Super Cars Feel Economic Wrath Too

What would Hollywood be without Porsche, BMW and Audi??? Celebrities Britney Spears, Jay-Z, Beyonce and the Beckhams have all been seen driving Porsche.

German carmakers made another move to cut output levels towards the end of the year to offset slumping demand as the global economic crisis prompts consumers and companies to closely monitor their finances.
* Porsche schedules 8 days of production stops at main plant

* Volkswagen may stop production in Wolfsburg for 3 weeks

* Audi says production halts are a precaution

* BMW says will cut further 400 temporary jobs in Leipzig

* Porsche shares down 8.8 pct, VW down 17.7 pct

(Adds Audi production stops, BMW temporary job cuts)

Beyonce & Jay-Z in Porsche

Beyonce & Jay-Z in Porsche

Sports car maker Porsche halted production at its headquarters in the southern German town of Zuffenhausen, for one day on Nov. 21, and planned to stop assembly for another seven days until end-January.

Volkswagen, in which Porsche holds 42.6 percent of the shares, earlier said it was also considering suspending production, eyeing a three-week halt at its main Wolfsburg plant from Dec. 18 until Jan. 11.

VW luxury vehicle unit Audi followed suit. A spokesman for the company said the carmaker’s orders have been stable, and the production halts were preventative measures.

Domestic peer BMW had suspended production at its factory in Leipzig for a week last month and is currently operating only one shift a day there.

The company now plans to cut 400 further temporary workers in Leipzig, in addition to previously announced plans to cut 8,100 full-time jobs around the world, a spokesman for the company stated.