Rihanna’s Reason for Cancelling Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Performance Leaves Fans Feeling A Bit ‘Anti’

(Story By Betty Throttles @BettyThrottles)
We love the bombshell bra from Victoria’s Secret but hate the bomb pop sensation Rihanna dropped on us fans when she canceled her performance at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. According to Gregory Hicks from MTV.com, there’s a great reason behind the decision.
So what was it? Can you guess?


No, the reason wasn’t some valiant philanthropic effort. It wasn’t due to illness or even a family emergency. Wouldn’t we all like to call out of work to do something that sounds more appealing than deal with a boss that expects us to come in on a Saturday? Continue reading

TechCrunch: Why Jay-Z Tidal Doomed

Jay-Z just launched a music streaming service called Tidal along with BeyoncéDaft Punk, Kanye, Arcade Fire, and Rihanna as co-owners contributing exclusive content.

The rapper says the goal is to get artists properly paid, but TechCrunch thinks the app is doomed to failure.

jay z tidal 3

Giving away music is how you get people to pay for it. That might seem crazy, but it’s true, though Jay-Z doesn’t want to listen. Continue reading

Taylor Swift And Calvin Harris FULL COURT Press PDA Kenny Chesney Concert

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have entered into some full court PDA attending last night’s Kenny Chesney‘s concert in Nashville.

For the first time the “couple” was seen holding hands in what TMZ is describing as “strategic PDA.”

Calvin Harris taylor swift pda Kenny Chesney concert

People who were around them said Taylor was sitting on his lap for a long time. Continue reading

Taylor Swift Turns 22- Will Her Music Mature Too?

Taylor Swift turns 22 years old today, and it’s safe to say that she’s had an amazing and unforgettable career since the last few years.

Swift prides herself on her original lyrics, and she’s quite thankful that her record label allows this sort of freedom.

Swift has been singing about her curiosity of love, experiencing her first love, experiencing heartbreak, and now that she’s 22, will her lyrics and music mature too?

Swift is very likable, commercial, relatable and some would say she’s a G-rated artist, but how long will that last? She could produce this kind of music forever, or she could pull a Madonna or Cher on her fans, and try something new. Will she break her boundaries and branch out into new territories? Or will Swift keep her swift and gentle sound?

Costumed Superheroes Break Guinness World Record

Actor Will Farrell greets fans after 1,580 costumed superheroes broke the Guinness World Record for the largest gathering of superheroes on October 2, 2010 in Los Angeles, California. The event was organized by DreamWorks Animation for the upcoming film, ‘Megamind,’ to break the Guinness World Record for largest gathering of costumed superheroes.