#DNCLeak Exposes: Ariana Grande White House Gig NIXED Over Donut Licking Incident

It has been revealed singer, Ariana Grande, was denied a chance to perform at the White House over her July 2015 career-ending donut-licking scandal. The revelation came to light after Wikileaks dumped thousands of DNC emails.

According to leaked DNC emails, the White House nixed Grande’s performance because she was caught on a donut shop security camera bad rapping America and licking donuts that were placed on a counter.

ariana grande licking donut

On September 10, 2015, DNC Finance Chair Zachary Allen sent an email asking that Ariana, hot be vetted for a potential gala performance for the president. Continue reading

Ariana Grande Cancels Sacramento Concert Citing Illness

Sacramento Ariana Grande fans will have to find something else to do tonight because the songstress just canceled her concert.

The show was scheduled for Sunday night at Sleep Train Arena but has been postponed “due to illness”, according to Live Nation Entertainment.

ariana grande in hiding

Grande tweeted the sad news on Twitter, saying in part, she was “so so so so sorry.” Continue reading

Ariana Grande CANCELS MLB All-Star Appearance Over Donut Shop Video?

In a surprise move, Ariana Grande has pulled out of the MLB All-Star Concert. The singer gave no reason for the cancellation, however it is believed to be over fallout from a donut shop video that emerged of her kissing her male backup dancer, cursing and licking a donut.

When announced, the concert sold out in a matter of minutes, but now MLB fans and Grande fans alike will be out of luck. The halftime show is a coveted appearance reserved for only the hottest of artists.

Ariana Grande Ricky Alvarez kissing

At this time there is no confirmation of a replacement act for the concert Saturday night at Paul Brown Stadium. h/t fox19 Continue reading

DIVA EXPOSED! Ariana Grande Caught On Donut Shop Security Cam Doing THIS

Ain’t she sweet? Maybe not so much.. Even though, she claims to be single, Ariana Grande was caught on a California donut shop security camera kissing her backup dancer, Ricky Alvarez!

Shop employees claim the “Break Free” singer was rude to them while demanding fresh donuts, and then when they went to the back to get her the goods, Grande LICKED donuts destine for someone else’s mouth! YUCK!?! Then when workers returned with a fresh tray, Grande exclaimed “what the f***k is that? I hate bear claws.” wow..

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Big Sean Threatens Justin Bieber Over TOUCHING Ariana Grande

Justin Bieber got his meat hook firmly implanted into Ariana Grande during her concert Wednesday night, and her man, Big Sean, is none too amused..

Sean, who was in the audience at the time of the groping, later threatened Bieber on Twitter by clearly stating: “This kid is about to learn not to touch my girl like that. Beliebe that.”

justin bieber touches ariana grande

Bieber made a surprise appearance at Grande’s concert at the Forum in L.A. Wednesday, where the two performed “As Long As You Love Me.” Continue reading

Naya Rivera: Trailer Has Been Emptied Paramount Lot Pass Revoked

Naya Rivera has been fired from Glee over issues stemming from the actress’s propensity to walk off set.

Naya Rivera breast augmentation glee

We’re told the main issue with Rivera has been that she “walked off set” a few times, and it cost the production time and money. source

Sources say the actress’ trailer has been emptied, and her pass for the Paramount lot, where “Glee” is filmed, has been taken away.

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