Naya Rivera: Only White People SHOWER Every Day

Glee‘s Naya Rivera shared a little TMI when revealing her personal hygiene practices while appearing on “The View” Tuesday.

Naya said her husband, Ryan Dorsey has showering habits that she just can’t relate to..


“I think that white people shower a lot more than ethnic,” the 28-year-old said, after moderator Nicole Wallace said she showers three times per day. Continue reading

Naya Rivera: Trailer Has Been Emptied Paramount Lot Pass Revoked

Naya Rivera has been fired from Glee over issues stemming from the actress’s propensity to walk off set.

Naya Rivera breast augmentation glee

We’re told the main issue with Rivera has been that she “walked off set” a few times, and it cost the production time and money. source

Sources say the actress’ trailer has been emptied, and her pass for the Paramount lot, where “Glee” is filmed, has been taken away.

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Did Naya Rivera REALLY Just Wear THAT OUT IN PUBLIC?

File under: What was she thinking! Just a few days after getting engaged to rapper, Big Sean, Naya Rivera, stepped out in public wearing this lingerie and hightop kicks combo! Did I mention she’s also wearing some kind of a turban? Talk about cold feet! If I were her potential hubby I’d be running for the hills!

Naya-Rivera-in-Black-Dress--17-560x781 Continue reading