Kim Kardashian Bike Tumble STAGED

Another Kim Kardashian fake-out revealed as the reality star appears to struggle keeping her balance on her bike.. Kimye even sported a “scared face” before planting her large derriere on the pavement..

Exclusive... Kim Kardashian Suffers Bike Riding Fail on Set **NO INTERNET USE W/O PRIOR AGREEMENT**

The 33-year-old reality star channeled the classic film star Audrey Hepburn in a wig with bangs and had to be pushed along by crew members as she didn’t seem to be able to ride the bicycle that well.

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Shock: Pepsi Producer Pocketed Michael Jackson Burnt Hair

After producer, Ralph Cohen, put out Michael Jackson’s burning head with his jacket during the filming of a 1984 Pepsi commercial, he had the presence of mind to pick up Jackson’s smoldering hair and put it in his pocket.

Now, in what must qualify as the oddest story I have reported on in a long time, Jackson’s burnt hair has made its way to hair collector, John Reznikoff, who has teamed up with LifeGem, a company who makes diamonds from the DNA of human hair, whew.

Just when I thought most of the weirdoes had come out of woodwork to stake a claim to Jackson’s fame, this happens, indisputably the sickest of them all. How an incident, that arguably changed the life of one of the most talented men in entertainment history, (and in no way for the better) is now being used as a way to make a profit, is inconceivable.

The diamonds made from hair are in fact a reality. Chicago-based LifeGem creates certified, laboratory diamonds using human DNA and has done so already using composer, Beethoven’s hair. Reznikoff has collected hair from Lincoln, Kennedy, Einstein and Marilyn Monroe and now Michael Jackson.