Another Kim Kardashian fake-out revealed as the reality star appears to struggle keeping her balance on her bike.. Kimye even sported a “scared face” before planting her large derriere on the pavement..

Exclusive... Kim Kardashian Suffers Bike Riding Fail on Set **NO INTERNET USE W/O PRIOR AGREEMENT**


The 33-year-old reality star channeled the classic film star Audrey Hepburn in a wig with bangs and had to be pushed along by crew members as she didn’t seem to be able to ride the bicycle that well.

In a seemingly staged moment, Kim laid on the ground alongside the bicycle while two photographers and two men with video cameras captured the moment. If she really fell by accident, we imagine they’d be helping her up instead! source

Kim was also seen clutching her head at one point as it looked like she may have been in some pain from the shoot.