Simon Cowell Wants Britney Spears To Be His Beyonce

“The Battle Over Britney” is what Star magazine is calling it, I call it penis envy. The spicy report is indicating that “X Factor” judge Britney Spears is now ”torn” between Jason Trawick and Simon Cowell!

Cowell has, “banked on Britney acting crazy under the pressure and giving the show a ratings bonanza.”

The problem is Spears’ fiance, Trawick won’t take his eyes off Brit, “24/7 creepily watching over his woman to keep her, um, focused… Simon definitely feels like the show would be more fun if Jason wasn’t there and he wouldn’t mind Britney having a big freakout on camera. Simon is getting in Britney’s ear, trying to plant the seed for her to break up with Jason,” claims the insider.

Meanwhile, source are saying the pop singer is not only “pulling away from Jason,” but also “already showing the telltale signs of an impending breakdown.”

I think Simon and Britney would make a match made in heaven! What do you think?

K-Fed “Happy” for Britney’s Engagement

While Federline has been busy losing weight on Australia’s Celebrity Fit Club, he took a few minutes to tell Aussie’s “TV Week” his thoughts on her new engagement.

How K-Fed feels about her new engagement: “She’s doing really well … [The engagement] it’s a good step in the right direction. I’m totally happy for her.”

K-Fed’s opinion of  Britney’s fiance’ Jason Trawick: “I think he’s a great guy. The kids speak highly of him. Her family loves him.”

TV Week even went ‘there’, and asked Fed about he and Brit’s chaotic past: K-Fed says it tore his heart to pieces watching Spears struggle a few years ago, but he’s grateful that the “dramatic, depressing stage” of his life is done. He was quoted: “It was tough. I’m so glad it’s over and I get to leave it behind.”

Thoughts? I am kind of surprised that K-Fed is making it look like she ‘really’ did have some serious problems, and that he had nothing to do with it. Like he’s better than her? Maybe he had it together more than we all thought? He does have 5 kids! K-Fed ain’t so bad in my book! We just want to see him dance again!

Australians Britney Spears Lip-Sync Ticket Disclaimer

Leave it to the good people of Australia to come up with a way to advise people thinking about attending a Britney Spears’ concert that not all parts of the show are performed live… print it on the ticket!

Thanks right! Seems Aussies are not familiar with a well known fact that Spears Lip-Syncs a majority of her Circus concert and they want a disclaimer printed right on the ticket!

Spears spoke out to the controversy surrounding one concert in Australia where fans are said to have reportedly walked out of the Circus concert after realizing the fix was in.

Spears, 27, although not directly addressing the lip-syncing issue did state, “Some reporters have said they love it and some don’t. I came to Australia for my fans!” Which translates in to, “Look Aussies, I’m in your country as a favor to the people to adore me and if you don’t like my show you can lump it.”

Zac Efron Happy Chace Crawford is Now Footloose Star – Vote

zac efron Zac Efron Happy Chace Crawford is Now Footloose Star   Vote

Zac Efron turned down the starring role and the whole movie Footloose. The 1984 remake is now in pre-production. The replacement for Zac is actor Chace Crawford. Zac told Radaronline how he feels about Chace picking up the role that he turned down:
“I’ve always thought Footloose was a great project and Chace is an amazing choice. I can’t wait to see it!”

Chase said some nice words about Zac to
“I know Zac and we’re actually friends, he’s gotta make the best choice for his career at this point and I have to make the best for mine and luckily it worked out for both of us.”

I thought Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars would be awesome over Chase. Derek is very Kevin Bacony. What do you think? Vote Below!

Gilles Marini at Dancing with the Stars Indianapolis 500 After Party

Over the holiday weekend, ‘Sex and the City’ movie hunk Gilles Marini attended the ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Indianapolis 500 after party, along with a few other stars. Carlos Diaz hosted the party and Dancing with the Stars regular Derek Hough performed with his band, ‘Ballas Hough Band’.

Inside sources say that Sex and the City hunk Gilles Marini ‘is the Playboy that he’s all cracked up to be’. Our source told us, “Gilles was also dancing with all kinds of women at the party last night. My friend said he wanted ‘her to go with him’ meaning leave the party and maybe go to a room? She told him she was married and he goes ‘well so am I’.”

As you can see in this photo below, he’s dancing with a random woman at this party. He’s the ladies man! You have a chance too!

#1 Britney Spears Fansite Gets Right to Use Britney ‘Handcuffed’ Picture Again!

Britney Spears’ number one fansite,, has had quite the controversy involving Britney’s team disapproving ‘Britney’ material on this year. Jamie Spears, Britney’s Dad, was the ringleader, who wrote a ‘not so friendly’ personal email to the fansite’s webmaster and creator; Jordan Miller.   Britney’s Dad and ‘conservator’ Jamie Spears, did not approve of what Jordan wrote on about ‘Jamie being an over controlling and money hungry conservator.’ Jamie did not like or approve the photo of Britney wearing handcuffs on the front page in the headline of Some say Jamie just didn’t like the negativity about him on a #1 Britney fansite. Some lastly say that Jamie doesn’t like that takes away readers, fans and merchandise from the Spears owned website;
Well, a couple weeks ago, this story about Jamie vs. Jordan Miller caught fire all the way to a story on E! News. Jordan got major press of course. Then soon after, we heard that he was invited as a guest to the Britney show in Vegas. Did Britney really tell her Dad to say ‘hi’ to Jordan? Jordan sat front row as you can see from his video and photos from the concert. We were there at her Vegas show too! (See our Britney Vegas show pics here)
If you go to, you will see that Britney’s handcuff picture is back up on the front page. Why? Did Jordan buy the rights to the photo? Did Britney or Britney’s team give the ‘A-OK’ to let Jordan use the handcuff photo again? Jordan wouldn’t rebel against the person he worships would he!? Jordan had to have gained the right to use the Britney handcuff picture.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTOS! Britney Spears On-Stage Malfunction

We LOVE Britney Spears here at so how could we resist posting these fabulous “exclusive” pictures (now in high resolution) of Britney’s tampon string clearly visible as she performed “If You Seek Amy” for her Circus tour stop at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA, on April 20th. We requested full-sized HQ pictures from our tipster and received them just now! so here you go! Enjoy, I think…