While Federline has been busy losing weight on Australia’s Celebrity Fit Club, he took a few minutes to tell Aussie’s “TV Week” his thoughts on her new engagement.

How K-Fed feels about her new engagement: “She’s doing really well … [The engagement] it’s a good step in the right direction. I’m totally happy for her.”

K-Fed’s opinion of  Britney’s fiance’ Jason Trawick: “I think he’s a great guy. The kids speak highly of him. Her family loves him.”


TV Week even went ‘there’, and asked Fed about he and Brit’s chaotic past: K-Fed says it tore his heart to pieces watching Spears struggle a few years ago, but he’s grateful that the “dramatic, depressing stage” of his life is done. He was quoted: “It was tough. I’m so glad it’s over and I get to leave it behind.”

Thoughts? I am kind of surprised that K-Fed is making it look like she ‘really’ did have some serious problems, and that he had nothing to do with it. Like he’s better than her? Maybe he had it together more than we all thought? He does have 5 kids! K-Fed ain’t so bad in my book! We just want to see him dance again!