#1 Britney Spears Fansite Breatheheavy.com Gets Right to Use Britney ‘Handcuffed’ Picture Again!

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Britney Spears’ number one fansite, Breatheheavy.com, has had quite the controversy involving Britney’s team disapproving ‘Britney’ material on Breatheheavy.com this year. Jamie Spears, Britney’s Dad, was the ringleader, who wrote a ‘not so friendly’ personal email to the fansite’s webmaster and creator; Jordan Miller.   Britney’s Dad and ‘conservator’ Jamie Spears, did not approve of what Jordan wrote on Breatheheavy.com about ‘Jamie being an over controlling and money hungry conservator.’ Jamie did not like or approve the photo of Britney wearing handcuffs on the front page in the headline of Breatheheavy.com. Some say Jamie just didn’t like the negativity about him on a #1 Britney fansite. Some lastly say that Jamie doesn’t like that Breatheheavy.com takes away readers, fans and merchandise from the Spears owned website; BritneySpears.com
Well, a couple weeks ago, this story about Jamie vs. Jordan Miller caught fire all the way to a story on E! News. Jordan got major press of course. Then soon after, we heard that he was invited as a guest to the Britney show in Vegas. Did Britney really tell her Dad to say ‘hi’ to Jordan? Jordan sat front row as you can see from his video and photos from the concert. We were there at her Vegas show too! (See our Britney Vegas show pics here)
If you go to Breatheheavy.com, you will see that Britney’s handcuff picture is back up on the front page. Why? Did Jordan buy the rights to the photo? Did Britney or Britney’s team give the ‘A-OK’ to let Jordan use the handcuff photo again? Jordan wouldn’t rebel against the person he worships would he!? Jordan had to have gained the right to use the Britney handcuff picture.

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