Indiana Man With Large Arsenal Wanted To “Harm People” At LA Pride Festival

James Wesley Howell, an Indiana man stopped in his vehicle in Santa Monica, Ca., was found with an arsenal of assault rifles, ammunition and explosives and told police he ‘wanted to harm’ people at the Los Angeles Pride festival.

Howell, 20, was taken into custody after local residents informed police around 5am that a man was loitering around and knocking on random doors. Howell’s arrest came on the same morning the country was rocked with the worst mass shooting in US history, at a gay club in Orlando where 50 people were shot.

James Wesley Howell mugshot

When investigators searched his vehicle, they found three rifles, a substantial amount of ammunition and 5lb of mixed Tannerite powder, which can be used to make a pipe bomb. Continue reading

Check Out Floyd Mayweather New $3.5M Supercar

Floyd Mayweather just dropped $3.5 mil on a brand new 2017 Bugatti Chiron that is expected to land summer 2017.

Mayweather’s Bugatti Chiron (pronounced Shir-on,) will hit a top speed of 290 mph, while sprinting from 0 to 60 mph in 2.2 seconds. The model is limited to 500 units.

floyd mayweather Bugatti Chiron

Mayweather wants to upgrade his Bugatti collection and sold one of his older Bugattis to make space for a 2017 Bugatti Chiron. Continue reading

Floyd Mayweather Drops $15M On New Diamond Jewelry

Champion boxer, Floyd Mayweather is claiming to have dropped $15 million on some new diamond jewelry.

According to a Mayweather rep, one of the rings is 50 carats while the smaller necklace is made up of 74 diamonds, each one being three carats each.

Floyd Mayweather Drops $10M On New Diamond Jewelry

All told, Floyd’s rep says the collection ran Floyd between $10-15 million. Continue reading

Floyd Mayweather Is Up To His Old Tricks, Bashing Women

Floyd Mayweather is back up to his old tricks again, beating up on women, but this time the woman in question, may just fight back, and kick his ass in the process.

Mayweather, known as one of the most figures in sports history, is picking a fight with a woman, that woman is UFC phenom, Ronda Rousey.

floyd mayweather ronda rousey scandal

Last night, on Sportscenter, Floyd took the opportunity to congratulate Rousey, but couldn’t help but slide in an underhanded response to her ESPYs comment. Continue reading

Floyd Mayweather Officially DUCKS Amir Khan! Camp Claims it’s Over ‘Trash Talking’

A new reports says, Floyd Mayweather’s camp has officially ruled out Britain’s Amir Khan as his next and last opponent.

Earlier reports claimed that Floyd would retire after fighting Amir and that the fight would be broadcast free for all on CBS as a “gift to fans.” (Cue incorrect buzzer.)


According to Los Angeles Times boxing correspondent Lance Pugmire, Khan simply talked too much, taking every possible opportunity to blast Mayweather and plead for the fight. Continue reading