Donald Trump Ex-Wife, Tiffany’s Mom, Marla Maples, Shows Up At Inauguration

Marla Maples, the ex-wife of Donald Trump, and the mother to his daughter, Tiffany Trump, showed up at his Inauguration. Reports say Maples kept a “low profile,” during the event.

Maples, 53, didn’t get much airtime as news outlets covering the inaugural ceremonies kept their cameras teamed on Trump’s current wife, Melania Trump, aka the First Lady.

Maples has now posted a photo on Instagram of herself at the Inauguration with her daughter, Tiffany (see it above). On the post, above, which Maples posted early on January 21, she wrote, “I’ve been trying to bring Tiffany to DC for a long time… Continue reading

Official Donald Trump Inauguration List Of Events For Thursday Jan. 19

Donald Trump’s inauguration events begin today, Thursday, January 19th, and will continue through Saturday. Trump will be sworn in on Friday, but there are many other activities and events happening today.

Before the President-elect becomes the official 45th President of the United States, there’s a long list goings on to happen today. Below are both official events and unofficial events.

Official Inauguration Events on Thursday, January 19

Voices of the People Concert & March: 10:35 a.m. Eastern

Starting at 10:35 a.m. Eastern, a “Voices of the People” march and concert will take place at the Lincoln Memorial. This event is free and open to the public. Continue reading

FL Man Who Lost Mother On NYC 9/11 Plane JAILED Over TRUMP Threats

EXCLUSIVE: Dominic Puopolo, a South Florida man who says he is now “homeless,” was arrested at an area Subway restaurant after posting a video on Twitter saying he planned to kill President-elect Donald Trump.

Puopolo, 51, is being held without bail on state charges of threatening harm against a public servant. During the video, Puopolo said he planned on traveling to Washington to do harm to Trump during his inauguration.

A Miami Beach police report released Wednesday identified the suspect as 51-year-old Dominic Puopolo. Jail records show Puopolo is being held without bail on state charges of threatening harm against a public servant. Court records do not list a lawyer for him. Continue reading

Nicole Kidman OSTRACIZED By Hollywood After Showing Support For DONALD TRUMP

Nicole Kidman is risking being blacklisted by Hollywood after she called for Americans to show support for President-elect Donald Trump. Kidman hit back at critics who branded her a ‘Trump supporter’ over her patriotic comments during a BBC interview.

Kidman, 49, said during the interview, “I believe in democracy,” but libs who rule Hollywood were “shocked” the actress decided to “speak out” about the election. Celebrities who show support for the next leader of the free world risk never working in tinsel town again.

And now Nicole Kidman has decided to clarify remarks she made during a BBC interview which seemed to suggest she was a Donald Trump supporter. The 49-year-old Moulin Rouge actress talked to Access Hollywood on Friday in a bid to set the record straight. Continue reading

WATCH: 1950s TV Show About A Oilman Named TRUMP Who Saves Town By BUILDING WALL

Talk about life imitating art! A TV western that aired on CBS in the 1950s 
shockingly depicts a oilman named “Trump” who claims he can save a town from certain doom by building a wall!

The show, named, “Trackdown,” featured an oil salesman named Walter Trump who claimed that he could save a community from fire and brimstone by building a wall around the town.

The TV episode was lost in the abyss of time until a YouTuber named Barcy Brafman unearthed it and posted it online in November of 2016. The “End of the World” show featured actor Lawrence Dobkin as Walter Trump, a con man who claimed that the Texan town of Talpa would succumb to a firestorm unless the residents allowed him to build a wall across the length of the town’s perimeter. Continue reading

BUZZFEED LAMBASTED After Publishing ‘Unverified Error-Laden’ Donald Trump Hit Piece

BuzzFeed is under fire after they published Tuesday a letter containing serious unverified allegations against President-elect Donald Trump. In what’s being called, “fake news,” journalists from all sectors condemned BuzzFeed for publishing the unsubstantiated salacious story.

The sketchy letter, published in-full by Buzzfeed, is purported to be penned by a retired British intelligence agent, who details Trump’s “relationship with Russia” while contending the Kremlin has been “cultivating, supporting and assisting” Trump for at least “five years.”, who was linked by the Drudge Report after they called out Buzzfeed for publishing the bit of shoddy journalism, called the story, “a shocking breakdown of journalistic ethics.” Continue reading

Why Did Tiger Woods Sport White Beard Golfing With Donald Trump?

Tiger Woods is going gray in a big way! Sure, the iconic golfer had time to play a round with President-elect Donald Trump, but no time to apply a little Just For Men, and the proof is in the vanilla pudding as he was pictured sporting a full-on gray goatee.

Woods was featured on gossip website TMZ after finally opening up about hitting the links with Trump last month, saying he was impressed with elder Trump’s long haul golf swing but fell short of commenting on his emerging old man of the sea beard.

The two got together at Trump International Golf Course in West Palm Beach on Dec. 23 — and now Woods is giving the lowdown on how things went on the links. “I recently played with President-elect Donald Trump. Continue reading

After Macy’s DUMPS TRUMP Macy’s Customers DUMP MACY’S

Macy’s department stores thought they were doing the politically correct thing by dropping Donald Trump‘s clothing line, but now the retailer is paying a high price for the stunt. As a result of the Trump firing, it has been revealed that tens of thousands of their paying customers are literally firing Macy’s by cutting up their store credit cards.

Sources connected to the department store say Macy’s has received complaints from approximately 30,000 customers, many voicing their displeasure on the company Facebook page. Since ending its relationship with Trump nearly 2 weeks ago, many folks have vowed to never shop at the popular chain again.


The store has been “inundated with complaints” from customers who believe the department store is unfairly punishing Trump for his views on immigration. Continue reading