Secret Service Agents INVESTIGATED Over Snapping PICS With SLEEPING Trump

Two Secret Service officers are being investigated for allegedly taking selfies with the grandson of President Donald Trump while the boy slept in the back of a vehicle they were operating.

Donald Trump III was being transported by the agents when the incident took place. Young Trump was traveling from the family estate in Westchester, New York, back into Manhattan, reports say.

Trump III, Donald Jr and Vanessa Trump‘s son, woke up as the agents were snapping selfies and was ‘freaked out’. The youngster told his mom about the alleged incident as soon as he got home, and she then reported it to his father. It was quickly being discussed by those at the very top of the Secret Service, and the two agents in question have since been summoned to front the Secret Service Office of Professional Responsibility in DC. Continue reading

SAY WHAT? Melania Trump Inauguration FROWN Heard Around The World

A video depicting, First Lady, Melania Trump, while she attended her husband’s inauguration, is making the rounds on the internets. The short clip shows Melania apparently responding with a frown to a comment made by the President.

Melania, 46, was caught on tape going from a smile to a frown after President Trump says something to her, but what did the President say to his wife to make her so sad? Speculation is running rampant online.

This tiny snapshot in time caught Melania’s facial expression do an about turn just as her husband turned away from her. Trump appeared to be talking to Melania right before he turned his back to her to look forward. Since there was a crowd around Melania at the time, you can’t tell who the President was actually addressing. Continue reading

Chelsea Handler BLASTED On Social Media Over Dim Witted Melania Trump Comments

Chelsea Handler is being skewered on social media after making disparaging comments about First Lady, Melania Trump.

Handler, 41, says she declined to interview the First Lady because “she can barely speak English.” In reality, Melania speaks perfect english as well as 4 other languages, French, Italian, German and Slovene.

Chelsea then unleashed on Melania, saying she wouldn’t book the First Lady or President Donald Trump for her Netflix show because “I don’t respect either one of those people.” It’s unclear what grudge she has against Melania, other than proximity. Continue reading

Donald Trump Ex-Wife, Tiffany’s Mom, Marla Maples, Shows Up At Inauguration

Marla Maples, the ex-wife of Donald Trump, and the mother to his daughter, Tiffany Trump, showed up at his Inauguration. Reports say Maples kept a “low profile,” during the event.

Maples, 53, didn’t get much airtime as news outlets covering the inaugural ceremonies kept their cameras teamed on Trump’s current wife, Melania Trump, aka the First Lady.

Maples has now posted a photo on Instagram of herself at the Inauguration with her daughter, Tiffany (see it above). On the post, above, which Maples posted early on January 21, she wrote, “I’ve been trying to bring Tiffany to DC for a long time… Continue reading