Talk about life imitating art! A TV western that aired on CBS in the 1950s 
shockingly depicts a oilman named “Trump” who claims he can save a town from certain doom by building a wall!

The show, named, “Trackdown,” featured an oil salesman named Walter Trump who claimed that he could save a community from fire and brimstone by building a wall around the town.


The TV episode was lost in the abyss of time until a YouTuber named Barcy Brafman unearthed it and posted it online in November of 2016. The “End of the World” show featured actor Lawrence Dobkin as Walter Trump, a con man who claimed that the Texan town of Talpa would succumb to a firestorm unless the residents allowed him to build a wall across the length of the town’s perimeter. In the episode, the community is taken for a ride until Oakland native Robert Culp, who played Texas Ranger Hoby Gilman, calls Trump’s bluff and finally arrests him for stealing. h/t inquisitr

Fact checking website Snopes reported that the video was not altered and in-fact was a real show:

“The television series Trackdown really did produce an episode featuring a ‘Trump’ character who came to town claiming that only he could prevent the end of the world by building a wall (and also sold special force propelling umbrellas to deflect meteorites). The episode (S1, E30) aired on CBS in 1958 and was titled ‘The End of the World,’ featuring actor Lawrence Dobkin playing the role of Walter Trump.”