The fallout from allegations Bill Cosby is a serial rapist is branching out to TV programming.

TV Land just pulled all syndicated reruns of NBC series The Cosby Show, a spokesperson for the channel confirmed.

bill cosby drunk

The move follows NBC canceling the development of a new prime-time sitcom starring the actor-comedian, and Netflix postponing the debut of its Bill Cosby 77 stand-up special. Continue reading

Janice Dickinson: Bill Cosby Assaulted Me Too In 1982

Janice Dickinson was a bonafide supermodel in the 1982 and that’s when Bill Cosby came a calling..

Dickinson is claiming the comedian assaulted her back in the day.

Janice Dickinson bill cosby 2

In a recent interview, Dickinson said she met Cosby in Lake Tahoe at his urging after he said that he would help her with her singing career. They had met earlier when her agent had introduced them, hoping that she could get a job on “The Cosby Show.” Continue reading

AUDIO: Bill Cosby Joking About Drugging Women’s Drinks

Bill Cosby, on the heels of even more women coming forward to accuse him of assault, once joked about slipping drugs into women’s drinks to get them in the mood.

Calling the drug, “Spanish fly,” the 77-year-old comedian made the comments during a standup routine entitled, “It’s True! It’s True!”

Bill Cosby spanish fly 2

“Go to a party, see five girls standing alone,” and then, “Boy if I had a whole jug of Spanish fly, I’d light that corner up over there.” Continue reading

FALLOUT: Bill Cosby CANCELS David Letterman Appearance Amid Scandal

In the wake of fresh assault allegations, Bill Cosby has canceled an upcoming appearance on CBS’ “Late Show with David Letterman.”

The cancellation comes on the heels of growing concern over allegations the comedian assaulted several women over the past few decades.


Cosby spokesman David Brokaw confirmed Friday night that Cosby would not appear next Wednesday as previously scheduled. He did not say why. Continue reading