A Metro police officer was shot during an ongoing standoff at the Tony Sudekum Apartments south of downtown Nashville.

According to officials, there is a barricaded subject firing shots from inside an apartment on Charles E. Davis Boulevard.


Officers at the scene are calling this “an active shooter situation.” Click here to watch a Facebook Live video from the scene.

The officer is being transported to Vanderbilt University Medical Center with non-critical injuries. source

Kim St. Onge @KimWSMV “Officer just told me to stay back so “I’m not in the line of fire”. Active shooter situation at the Tony Sudekum Apartments”

Residents who live nearby are being evacuated from their apartments.

At least 20 patrol cars have responded to the apartment complex.

Several nearby schools are undergoing lockout procedures, which means all exterior doors are locked and are being manned by school personnel. Classes are going on as normal.