Dr. Simone Whitmore, a cast member on Bravo reality show Married to Medicine, goes on a harrowing search for her father who went missing earlier this season.

Whitmore and some of her fellow cast members traveled to Nashville, Tennessee in search of her father who we are now learning was homeless. The episode does not have a happy ending as Whitmore’s dad, Frank T. Baxter, Jr., was found dead in a vacant house.



On April 2, 2016, 92Q Nashville reported that Frank T. Baxter, Jr. was last seen near Herman Street in Nashville, late January to early February 2016. His age was listed at 70, weight at 180 lbs. and height at 5’10.


Unfortunately, WSMTV reported Baxter, a homeless man, found dead on April 13, 2016. His body was found in a vacant house, lying in front of the fireplace, by the house’s trustee at 2225 Herman Street in Nashville. No foul play was thought to have gone down and Baxter’s ID was found at the scene. Both Married to Medicine cast members Quad and Jackie went with Simone to try to find her father and each of them had recently lost their own dads. As a group, they started to get leads when searching for Baxter. On the journey, Simone revealed that her dad had started drinking long before he had a family. He was also in jail. While searching for her father, Simone told the cameras that not knowing what had happened to her father was unbearable. She also said that no one just drops off the face of the Earth. h/t heavy


Baxter’s memorial service was held on May 6, 2016.