Breakfast Club actor, Anthony Michael Hall, is facing felony assault charges, causing serious bodily injury, after unleashing an attack on his Playa del Rey neighbor in September. The incident occurred after a dispute erupted over an open condo gate.

Hall, 48, who also starred alongside Molly Ringwald in cult movie classic, Sixteen Candles, could face up to seven years in the pokey over “special circumstances” involved in the assault.



Hall was caught on CCTV shoving a man to the ground at his condo complex in Playa del Rey in Los Angeles on September 13. In the grainy video, Hall is seen walking through the complex before turning to face a man who is following him. Words appear to be spoken before he lashes out at the man sending him falling on his back, allegedly breaking his wrist and suffering a back injury. The neighbor then called 911 to alert police to the assault. According to reports, the victim told cops the brawl began when he left their condo gate open, and Hall yelled at him to close it. The actor then went over and shut the gate himself before getting into it with the neighbor. h/t dailymail

It’s not the first time either that Hall has been engaged in disputes with his fellow condo residents. Back in 2011, the website says, his neighbors claimed he would scream obscenities and challenge people to fights.