Beyonce is being threatened with a boycott on the heels of her cop bashing Super Bowl halftime performance.

Among other things, the performance featured a tribute to the Black Panthers as well as the Black Lives Matter movement, leaving many viewers confused and upset.


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Of course Jay Z’s wife’s new song Formation addresses the movement, but her dancers definitely paid their respects by donning outfits, including berets like those worn by members of the Black Panthers. Not only that but Queen Bey’s Super Bowl crew was snapped a couple times with their fists in the air — a tribute to Tommie Smith and John Carlos, the American track stars who made similar gestures during the 1968 Olympic medal ceremony. During a Super Bowl party at the J.W. Marriot in Washington, the National Sheriffs’ Association got pretty pissed at Beyonce’s halftime show and turned it off! The officers apparently have taken a bit of offense to the music video for the 34-year-old’s new song. The Formation video not only pays homage to people killed in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, but there’s a segment of the video that features spray painting on a wall that reads “stop shooting us.” h/t perezhilton

boycott beyonce petition

Chicago Code BLUE Facebook group took to the social media to protest Beyonce’s performance calling for a boycott:

“Boycott The 2016 Super Bowl Anti-Police Halftime show
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