Demi Lovato is weighing in on the whole Starbucks red cup controversy saying the coffee giant should perhaps produce a cup that actually reflects the season.

The “Cool For The Summer,” singer took to Twitter to pour a cup of smackdown, telling Starbucks designers they should go for something more, “Christmassy.”


demi lovato starbucks red cup

“Why doesn’t @Starbucks at least make the cups about the actual season: winter? (snowflakes, snowmen..etc.)”

Lovato may be unaware she basically just described last year’s Starbucks holiday cup, but be that as it may, girl still makes a valid point.

demi lovato starbucks red cup scandal

If you missed all the brouhaha, Starbucks revealed its 2015 holiday cup design, changing it from a Christmas scene to a simple boring red design with the Starbucks logo on it.

demi lovato starbucks red cup comments

Red alert Starbucks! The new cups are not only killing Christmas, they’re also damn depressing! Maybe Lovato’s comments will force a Starbucks about face?