Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom are officially separated.. Widely viewed as the first step toward divorce..Lamar Odom hits a photographers car with a piece of metal and takes camera gear from another photographers car


TMZ says that it was Khloe who declared separation after she caught Lamar smoking drugs and tossed him out of the house on Wednesday.. Sources say Khloe laid down an ultimatum, go to rehab or get the hell out.. Lamar chose the latter..

Lamar has had a crack addiction problem for at least 2 years, and Khloe simply couldn’t take it anymore. Khloe made it clear if Lamar did not get help — the point of the intervention — she wanted nothing to do with him anymore. Neither Khloe nor Lamar has consulted a divorce lawyer … at least not yet. If and when they do file for divorce, there won’t be much to fight over. Sources connected with the Kardashians tell us the couple signed a hard-fought prenup before they married.

First Kanye’s album bombs and now Lamar comes out as a crack addict! Will the Kardashian kurse or its less dominant male counterparts ever cease?