Jennifer Lopez was a surprise guest at the Taylor Swift concert, rising from out of the stage to sing a rousing rendition of “Jenny from the block.” There was just one little problem, JLO’s saggy excuse for pants.. I’m sorry folks, these saggy female version of Justin Bieber’s ridiculous fashion pant trend – will not, I mean NOT, be catching on anytime soon, NOT as long as I am editor of this fine website..

jlo saggy pants1


jlo saggy pants2

That garments might be roomy and extra airy however, they make her look like she’s got a load in her pants.

jlo saggy pants

On a side note, check out Taylor Swift talking about using her hairbrush in her room, back in the day and then standing there why dozens of dancers, including Jennifer, or dancing all over the stage. At one point, Swift even gets squarely-flat-footedly in the way, leaving the young singer red-faced..