Jennifer Lopez is returning to American Idol as a judge, he said with a whimper. It should have been BIG news! FOX and AI producers were ready and willing to spend a ton of money on the reveal! BUT.. JLO’s boyfriend, Casper Smart, (insert play on words here,) made a huge rookie mistake by revealing – prematurely – that his superstar GF is in fact coming back to American Idol to sit on the judge’s panel. So much for millions of dollars in teaser promos..jlo3

Smart has some new show he is trying to sell and during a presser he was asked if Jenny from the block was coming back to the AI neighborhood.. And he just manned up, opened his big mouth and said “Yes.”


Talk about letting the proverbial cat out of the bag! And not even in any kind of a spectacular way. Casper dumb! Sorry, I had to go there.

In case you’re wondering, it has also been confirmed that Keith Urban will also be returning..