Kevin Bacon, made famous for his role in the 1984 classic movie “Footloose,” says he rejected a tailor-made part in the 2011 remake of the same name, because the role he was offered was “lousy.”



Bacon shot to fame as lead character Ren McCormack in the original, so he was excited when he was asked if he wanted to return to the franchise for director Craig Brewer’s modern update. However, Bacon was not impressed with the scene he had been cast in and decided to turn down the part – for the good of the whole movie.

Speaking at an event at New York’s Paley Center for Media on Tuesday, he explained,

“It was a lousy part! I was (McCormack’s) father, which I don’t mind, but he was just a miserable prick. I honestly think I would have done a disservice to the film… there was no point to me being in the movie… “They built a scene that was really only there for me to be in the movie, and once I said no, they took the scene out… I liked the movie, though!” The 2011 film featured Kenny Wormald stepping into Bacon’s shoes as the male lead, while Julianne Hough portrayed his love interest, a role previously made famous by Lori Singer.

Well Kevin, I think producers offered you that role as a courtesy, and your response was rather cagey. If it wasn’t for the original footloose, you’d still be a failed musician.. You should’ve performed that part no matter how “lousy” you deemed it to be.


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