Best Night Ever? Waking Up Next To Harry Styles

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Waking up next to Harry Styles… Many girls are right now, how do I put this, well, it has something to do with fabric and the moistening thereof… Sorry if you think that’s in someway crude, most would call it something else.. Like ‘wet panties’ and world-wide for this picture of the One Direction star taken by ‘This Is Us‘ director, Morgan Spurlock. I do not know you kind sir but let me say now that I thank you from the bottom of my, um, you know, panties.


Dude posted the sleepy eyed pic of Styles on his Twitter, teasing the band’s upcoming 3D movie.. He didn’t mention if Harry had brushed his teeth yet.


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“There have been some really lovely emotional moments that we’ve captured. I think fans may shed a tear or two while watching,” Morgan added. “We spend a lot of down time with the band, with their families and friends. We really wanted you to see what their ‘normal’ lives are like.”

Okay, so I’ll leave you two alone now.

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