UPDATE: PayPal Exec Fired Over Late Night Tweets

Rakesh Rocky Agrawal twitter 1UPDATE: Paypal fired the dude! “Rakesh Agrawal is no longer with the company,” PayPal said in a tweet on Saturday. “Treat everyone with respect. No excuses. PayPal has zero tolerance.”

Less than two months into his gig as VP of PayPal,  Rakesh “Rocky” Agrawal took to Twitter, firing off a series of profane and insulting Tweets.. Seemingly directed at some of his new fellow employees. His tweets started at about 1 AM and continued thought the night and contained numerous spelling errors.. source

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Amanda Bynes Caught In Lie? Incriminates Self After Denying Secret Twitter

Amanda Bynes recently posted a selfie sketch on Twitter while at the same time denying she owns and operates a secret Twitter account under the nick: @PersianLA27. BUT Bynes may have unwittingly incriminated herself after it was discovered @PersianLA27 also posted a sketch that looks ALOT like the actress’ sketch selfie..

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‘Bikini Bridge’ Snaps Trending On Social Media

Do you remember the “thigh gap” trend? Well, now there is a thing called the “bikini bridge.”

The bikini bridge is when a woman is so skinny her hip bones lift the front of her bikini up when she lies down.

The hashtag “bikini bridge” is now trending on twitter and 4chan, and there’s even a tumblr page where women are uploading photos.

Body image experts are calling it another unhealthy trend that women will obsess about in their quest to be thin. A buzzfeed page was also created to make fun of this need trend. The author quips, “Harry Styles will be 857 per cent more attracted to you.”