ILLOGICAL: William Shatner inexplicably exits Twitter

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It was like hitting warp speed, a tunnel of lights and then.. poof.. William Shatner was gone from Twitter.. Inexplicably deleting his entire account.

william shatner twitter

Without warning, (okay so maybe a little warning,) Star Treks’ Captain Kirk, quit Twitter..



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We don’t know exactly why he quit, but we do know that this changes everything, including the future..

shatner twitter

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  • 48GOAT

    The account shows up in the search I just performed so I have to wonder how much belief we should invest in this story

  • Wolvee

    A friend of WS’s family told me he’s been diagnosed with “possibly” a terminal illness. Something very serious at the very least. With L.N. recent diagnosis and a few other losses recently WS is taking it really hard and wants to be as secluded from his family as possible. A sad day for sure.

  • phi

    Bill had already been on Google+, his account used to have a lot of postings but they all too have disappeared but he hasn’t deleted his account yet.

  • numpty

    Still beats an audience of a thousand morons, though.

  • Gerald deGroot

    You can have an audience of dozens!

  • Don Denesiuk


    Join Google plus.
    Better troll filters. More intelligent conversations.

    Best regards,