This is kinda crazy and could result in a health problem! Actor, director Jake McClain has begun tweeting every word of the ObamaCare health reform law, over 900 pages of it, 140 characters at a time… All in hopes of drawing attention to the bill’s content, which I am assuming he does not like.jake_mcclain


The dedicated Tweeter started off with this tweet,

“Folks … this will probably take a long time to do, but I decided I will read every page, word by word, of Obamacare, and tweet every word,” he tweeted on March 22.

And he’s been going at it ever since – at a pace of 22 pages – per four days. Please do the math…

Dude is getting rewarded for his hard work landing a spot on Huckabee’s radio show.

“Thing is that this is for everyone … A scant few read this sucker. If numbers read it, the story changes,” he tweeted Monday night, adding later: “And if we keep reading and tweeting these pages, we can get enough people to hit their senators up on this thing.”

And I thought MY tweets were boring! Oi! :)