“That was friggin’ amazing,” raved judge Carrie Ann Inaba. “I’m blown away. I can’t wait for next week.” – “Last week was a spark, this week is a fire–well done,” said judge Len Goodman. – “Technically superb,” added judge Bruno Tonioli. “A great achievement on week two.”



“You kill-kill-killed that number,” gushed Inaba. “You were great last week, but I did not expect that. That was fantastic!”“Thank you, that’s all I can say,” a breathless Coleman told host Brooke Burke-Charvet after hearing the results.


“It was like watching a headlining star at the Cotton Club,” cheered Tonioli. “Stylistically, it was just spot-on–it had wit, charm, energy. The moves were just outstanding.”“I felt like this went from a fun thing to ‘Hunger Games’ in tights,” Hughley explained to partner Cheryl Burke during a tense moment during rehearsals. “I’m doing the best I can with this. I just had my ass whipped on national TV.”


“We were doing our Whitney and Bobby imitations for a little while there,” Hughley joked to Burke-Charvet, as the audience laughed uncomfortably. “We’re doing great–we’re back together.”

But not all hope is lost. “The secret to this show is each week, improve, and get a bit better,” noted Goodman. “Tonight you’ve improved over last week–well done.”

“You lost the footing so many times,” lamented Tonioli. “So many mistakes that it was obvious (you were hurting), and you know that.”

(Kellie Pickler snapped without makeup…)

kellie-pickler-no-makeup-03“You were trying to fly, but you never really took off with that dance for me,” noted Goodman. “It was a little bit wooden.”

“You’re not the best dancer, but you come out and you’re totally committed,” observed Goodman. “It was awkward in places, but it was fun to watch.”


“I didn’t get it at all,” sniffed Goodman. “It was all about the theme about sharks and looking through binoculars–that’s not good enough.”

Next week: The theme is “Prom Night,” so get ready for lots of bad 1980s fashion. foxnews