Could a zombie apocalypse really happen? According to a Miami Policeman, there have already been 4 reported cases of zombie-like cannibal people lurking in Miami as of late.

A now viral story of a Miami man (31-year-old Rudy Eugene) who turned zombie last week, was found eating another man’s face off- just next to the Miami Herald News building.

Due to the zombie man’s dangerous and disturbing behavior, police had to shoot the zombie multiple times- barely phasing him with the first few bullets. The police finally killed the wild zombie.


Police are saying as of today, that they think the man’s zombie-like behavior was due to him using the drug ‘bath salts’, which are not the bath salts that people sprinkle into their relaxing bath soak. The synthetic drug that is legally sold online, is said to ‘contain various amphetamine-like chemicals, such as methylenedioxypyrovalerone (MPDV), mephedrone and pyrovalerone.’

Were bath salts really the reasoning for this man’s zombie-like behavior? Could a legal drug cause a person to become a cannibal? Could there be a possible zombie outbreak?!

Whether it’s a flesh-eating bacteria or a brain-killing amoeba that enters through your ear and literally kills your brain- why couldn’t a zombie outbreak be possible?

Only time will tell folks, until then, get prepared by going here.