I almost crashed my car whilst driving just off the Las Vegas strip on Spring Mtn. Road, when I spotted a sign next to the “Cash For Gold” building that says: “Zombie Apocalypse Store”.Just under the sign and the little dinosaur that stands on the roof, the store explains what it has to offer. Survival food and supplies, self defense products, stun guns are the major highlights of the store, but they also offer exploding targets, weapons, jerky, long-term food storage, knowledge and zombie art.

So then I went inside after reading the exciting sign, and found even more cool stuff. Cool people work there and they actually do have items that you could use if a disaster like a zombie apocalypse did in fact happen.

The 1 month-year-old store plans on growing, and having even more supplies to offer, that is, if a potential zombie apocalyse doesn’t get the best of Mike the owner.


I’ll be contacting Coast To Coast AM with George Noory. They will love this.