Imaging it, Motley Crue takes a collective bow and exits the stage and you and your date are simultaneously departing your VIP seats bound for the coveted backstage area to meet up with the band to party the night away… Incidentally the boys just got done opening for rock legends KISS, in Las Vegas…

This all sounds too good to be true right?? Not if you have about $2,800 to hand over to the boys… What a deal! and yes I over glorified all of this, you most likely will get to stand awkwardly near the guys for a few minutes before it’s all over way too soon.


Dubbed the “Motley Crue: ‘Kickstart My Heart’ Diamond Meet & Greet VIP” TicketMaster has an ticket package option that will keep you within a few feet of the boys, before and after the show, but come on guys! that’s a lot of expendable cash! Does it come with a t shirt? “I paid $2800 to meet Motley Crue and all I got was this t shirt (and herpes.)”