on March 15, 2010

Corey Feldman Not Attending Corey Haim’s Funeral!

This is shocking! It is reported that Corey Feldman will not attend bf Corey Haim’s funeral! Read this statement from Corey Feldman on why he is deciding to not attend the funeral:

“In the days following my best friend Corey Haim’s death, I have spent much time with his mother Judy, who has always been like a mother to me. I would love nothing more than to be by her side at Corey’s funeral, however, due to their strong religious beliefs and need for privacy, the family has decided to make Corey’s funeral on Tuesday a small private affair.

Instead, I will remain in Los Angeles quietly mourning and planning his memorial. As a sign of respect, I am asking the media to honor Corey Haim by making the same choice. I am working with a few people who were close to Corey to put a memorial together within the next month. At that time, the media will be invited to honor and celebrate the legacy he has left behind, along with friends, fans and the rest of the Hollywood community.”

on March 15, 2010

VIDEO: Lady Gaga Sick? On Drugs? Nearly Collapsing Again!

Saturday night, March 13rd, Lady Gaga was doing a concert in Auckland, New Zealand. This video shows her performing her final song “Bad Romance”, and she nearly passes out! She lays on the stage the majority of the song, and when she stands up, she almost falls back down like she’s out of it. It looks like she isn’t able to sing either. I hope she’s okay. Watch this shocking video!

by Jenny
on March 14, 2010

Simon Cowell Your American Ignorant


It must be nice, while people all over the word suffer with a variety of troubles, chaps like American Idol’s Simon Cowell are driving Million dollar cars, introducing Cowell’s $1,000,000.00, 240 MPH, Bugatti Veyron.

Sure Cowell has the money, and mostly thanks to our patronage of TV shows like American Idol and XFactor, however, is it not a bit, well, obscene to be this flashy in these times? I admit this is a bit of sour grapes as I try and figure out how to pay the gas bill this week, however, I am also thinking about other everyday folks also suffering with money problems and how this type of excess must make them feel.

Hey Cowell, go take a bath in champaign in the privacy of your own mansion, use 100 dollar bills to wipe your ass, I mean, light the fire place, buy your dog a condo, whatever, just stop rubbing in all of us little people’s faces…

on March 12, 2010

Doctors Killing Hollywood One Pill At a Time

How many celebrities will we need to lose to prescription drug abuse before doctors stop prescribing them? Is the high profile deaths of many of our beloved music and screen stars not enough to make you stop? Are you fearless, hiding behind a medical degree?

Celebrities wake up! The doctors want you to get on these drugs and the reason is simple, once you’re hooked, they have you right were they want you. The masterful dispensing of these legal killers is no different from the drug pusher on the street, except for the fact, doctors have a licenses to kill. Once you’re dependent on the drugs you will need your prescription every 30 days (or less) which means your doctor will be seeing a lot more of you. Maybe you won’t have to pay, maybe your insurance company is footing the bill, but you will pay and possibly with your life.

Maybe you’re not famous, you may be a star father, mother, sister or brother. The doctors don’t care who you are or what you have to lose, they simply want to keep the money and you coming in.

Now there are some good eggs, some doctors who do not prescribe pain medication willy-nilly, and to those fine men and women of the medical profession I solute you, however, to the docs who continue to write those prescriptions to folks who either do not require them or are at high risk for abuse, I say this, your days of manipulating the system will soon come to an end, and in the end your trail of destruction, all be it great, will always lead back to you and your conscience.

on March 11, 2010

Eating Acid Made Adam Lambert’s Dreams Come True!

Adam Lambert was a guest on “Chelsea Lately” Wednesday night. The interview was very entertaining, and she had 1.3 Million viewers that tuned in, which was bigger than ever for the show!

The large viewership was very surprising considering Adam had turned a lot of people and fans off when he kissed his male band member during his performance at the AMA awards in November 2009. Personally, I am am a fan, and I followed Adam from the beginning, and thought he was going to be in the American Idol finals, and sure enough he made it! The ‘guy on guy’ kiss didn’t really surprise or shock me. That kind of action is ongoing in West Hollywood all day long! Dudes are kissing and holding hands all day. I can’t imagine what sheltered people thought and how they reacted! That would be more entertaining to see than Adam kissing a dude!

Anyway, Adam told Chelsea Handler that he tripped on acid before he went on American Idol. They talked about a lot of other crap, but I want to highlight his quotes about taking acid. Adam said this about his acid tripp:

“My trip led me to some epiphanies about who I was as a performer, what I wanted to do and how I needed to create my own opportunities.”

“When I got home, I started writing music with other people and went to the Idol audition. The vision was about finding opportunities. I wasn’t sitting in the desert in rave-wear thinking about Simon Cowell when I was on acid.”

Various media outlets said they think Adam is a bad role model for admitting to his acid tripp, along with his guy on guy kiss at the AMAs. Personally, I think the truth and honesty is the best policy! What- do they wish Adam would be a fake liar? I love the fact he took acid and found himself and then became famous! Acid isn’t for everyone, only for some.

on March 10, 2010

CBS Producer to Serve 6 Months Over Letterman Larceny

Robert Joel Halderman, the CBS News producer who tried to blackmail David Letterman, made a plea deal today that landed him 6 months in Jail time, 1000 hours of community service and 4 1/2 years probation.  Also as part of the deal Halderman must stay away from Letterman for 5 years.

Admitting to attempted grand larceny, Halderman, said he wanted to “put the ordeal behind him” even though his attorney said all along the case would go to trial.

Halderman’s former girlfriend was Letterman’s assistant and apparently his secret lover too, a relationship that made Halderman furious. He then concocting a plan to get even with Letterman by exposing him as a lecher.  Halderman contacted Letterman threatening to release a screenplay that depicted the Late Night host in numerous compromising situations, sexual situations. He also wanted $2 million dollars.

On Tuesday night, Letterman said on air that the ordeal had made him feel “full of anxiety and nervous and worried.” He then thanked the district attorney’s office and New York Police Department for handling the matter “professionally, skillfully and appropriately.”

on March 10, 2010

Corey Feldman Releases Statement on Haim Death

 Corey Feldman Releases Statement on Haim Death
Friend and coworker of Corey Haim, Corey Feldman, has released the following statement on his blog regarding the lost of his good friend.
I was awakened at 8:30 this morning by my brother and sister knocking on my bedroom door. They informed me of the loss of my brother Corey Haim. My eyes weren’t even open all the way when the tears started streaming down my face. I am so sorry for Corey, his mother Judy, his family, my family, all of our fans, and of course my son who I will have to find a way to explain this to when he gets home from school. This is a tragic loss of a wonderful,beautiful,tormented soul, who will always be my brother,family, and best friend. We must all take this as a lesson in how we treat the people we share this world with while they are still here to make a difference. Please respect our families as we struggle and grieve through this difficult time. I hope the art Corey has left behind will be remembered as the passion of that for which he truly lived. ~ Corey
Our heart and prayers go out to Corey’s friends and the Haim family.
on March 10, 2010

DMX Back In Trouble

Rapper DMX was arrested after admitting to his probation officer that he had regularly used coke over the last nine months. Drug use is a violation of his terms of release from jail.

DMX whose real name is Earl Simmons was locked up for 90 days in jail on drug, theft and animal abuse charges and is now set to do “Hard Time” according to Maricopa County Sheriff, Joe Arpaio who told Reuters “We would hope that he is finally sent to prison, We’ve arrested him five times already. How many times do you have to violate the law?”

Simmons’ attorney could not be reached for comment.

on March 1, 2010