on March 23, 2010

Here’s Tiger Woods Mistress Number #15?!

It’s not over yet! The big apology from Tiger didn’t seal this evil door shut!
A new mistress is coming out of the mist and dishing the fling between her and Tig! Is she #15? I lost count!

Alleged mistress Devon James called into Tampa, Florida’s “Bubba The Love Sponge” radio show Tuesday, and told them about a two-and-a-half year affair she claims to have had with the golfer, spanning from the end of 2006 through 2008.

James claims that she met Woods when he visited her and another adult entertainer for a “two-girl party” — code name for a threesome encounter. James said Woods paid her and the other escort about $2,000 a piece. She said she walked into a room to find her co-worker and Woods mingling with XXX-rated movies playing in the background, and Woods introduced himself to her with a nonchalant, “Hi I’m Tiger, nice to meet you,” before the sex ensued.

“There was very little talk that first time,” she said. James described the sex as “dirty,” and said Woods and gave her his personal number “immediately afterwards.” She said that Woods preferred to be the dominant partner in bed, and was well-endowed. James said that Woods did bring up his wife, Elin Nordegren, on their second meeting, complaining that she didn’t want to have sex a lot. Woods would send her text messages saying, “I want you to be my w****,” and other sentiments akin, James said.

James said she did not come forward earlier because she felt bad for him at the beginning of the scandal. She said she can prove the connection using old phone records, if need be.

on March 23, 2010

Jesse James Mistress Even Has A Nazi Refrigerator!

The news is NEVER ENDING with this mistress of Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James. Michelle McGee is not only permanently ruining Jesse James’ reputation, but her’s is going straight to hell-O…hold on I have a call…

It’s only a matter of time before the ‘other’ team gets Michelle McGee’s fake toties in a vice and pops em’! Her dirty pictures, video and mouth, have really made for an adventurous week in news, but have not made an adventurous memory bank in our brains. I’m personally disgusted with MM’s tattoo choices and especially her decision to use children’s fridge magnets to spell ‘white power’ for her kids and everyone else to see.

Okay, I’m done. The month of the mistresses continues strong…

Nazi fridge mm 490x401 Jesse James Mistress Even Has A Nazi Refrigerator!

on March 23, 2010

Nintendo “3DS” is Coming…

3-D is hotter than ever right now, and Nintendo is making sure they stay current with all of the other competition…

Kyoto-based Nintendo announced their new 3-D gaming device, which is temporarily being called the Nintendo 3DS, is scheduled to launch during the coming fiscal year ending March 31, 2011. The new system will also play current Nintendo DS games, and the best part- NO glasses will be needed for the 3DS!

Fellow competitor “Sony”, has plans to upgrade its PlayStation 3 console to play 3-D games with a free software upgrade, but consumers will have to buy a new television and glasses to play 3-D games at home.

In a brief and unexpected statement, Nintendo released no additional information about the coming device’s price or functionality. The company said it would provide more details in June at the videogame industry’s annual E3 convention held in Los Angeles.

on March 23, 2010

Jersey Shore ‘Pauly D’ Auctioning Off His Tanning Bed!

‘Guido’ star Pauly D on the MTV show “Jersey Shore”, is auctioning off his tanning bed for charity! Ya! His tanning bed.

I am thinking the same thing as you- he’s giving up his soul! Tanning is their life! Tanning is their religion. How could a Jersey Shore guido/guidette live without a tan?

Maybe Pauly D is moving onto the Mystic Tan. Either way, would you get in a used tanning bed from Pauly D?

Well, if someone claims this auction item, then it the money will be going to a good cause: St. Jude’s Children Hospital.

on March 21, 2010

I Love Netflix!!!

I just want to say that I’m glad I did the 30 day trial of Netflix. When the 30th day came of my trial, and I got cut off of instant TV shows and instant movies on my computer *AND* DVDs delivered to my house- I REALLY FELT THE VOID!!!

I panicked and got online right away to buy a month of Netflix! I love watching TV shows and movies when ever I want! You can lay in bed and stream movies and shows! You can even hook your computer up to your TV and watch movies on the big screen too!

It is endless fun with Netflix! I highly recommend! I’m so done with Blockbuster and the Redbox!

by Lisa Mason Lee
on March 21, 2010

It’s Shorts N’ Boots Time Again With Britney Spears!

I can always tell when Spring is here when I see Britney Spears grab an orange “Fanta” at the gas station!
Not really. I can tell the weather is heating up in L.A. when I see Britney pull out the ol’ raggedy ‘shorts n’ boots’ combo out of her gianormous closet!
So many outfits to choose from, but we always get this every Spring and Summer!!! SHORTS N’ BOOTS!!! She’s starting with the Uggs boots, and then she’ll move right into the mid-shin cowboyish boots!
The 2010 ‘Shorts N’ Boots’ sightings have officially begun!

Shorts N' Boots

on March 19, 2010

SHOCK: Jesse James a Nazi?

Birds of a feather.

Poor Sandra Bullock, hardly any time to enjoy her first Oscar win before getting blindsided by her hubby’s shocking affair with a tell-all tattooed tart, and it gets worse.

TMZ posted these pictures of the woman Jesse James banged for over 11 months, in full Nazi regalia. It’s one thing to make the very bad choice to pose in Nazi gear for a photo shoot, it’s another thing to have “W.P.” permanently tattooed on your body, as pictured on Michelle McGee’s legs, if you don’t already know, “W.P.” stands for “White Power”.

This raises the troubling question, did James know of McGee’s obsession with Nazis? Common sense says “Yes” after all, he was all over that hot Nazi mess for almost a year.

on March 19, 2010

Anna Nicole Smith Estate Gets Nothing

220209~Anna Nicole Smith Posters Anna Nicole Smith Estate Gets Nothing

In what may be the final chapter of Anna Nicole Smith’s life, a Houston appeals court ruled Smith would receive none her husband’s billions. The 9th U.S. Circuit Court said J. Howard Marshall was mentally fit and under no pressure when he signed a will leaving $1.6 billion to his son, E. Pierce Marshall.

It has been 15 years since Smith said her husband promised her more than $300 million, although Smith had no documentation to serve as proof of that statement. The case outlived both Elder Marshall and Smith.

A lawyer for Smith’s estate said they would appeal this ruling on different issues in the future.

on March 18, 2010
on March 17, 2010