on March 31, 2010

Jesse James Nazi Salute Picture [REAL]

Jesse James is in sex rehab, however, the bad press just keeps coming. This picture has surfaced showing James wearing a Waffen SS visor and honoring Hitler with a “sieg heil” salute. Let’s face it, Jesse is a sick man in more ways than one. I think James needs a lot more than just sex rehab, ya think?

JesseJames Nazi Photo Jesse James Nazi Salute Picture [REAL]

You may remember this style hat from Michelle McGee’s Nazi themed photo shoot. Tisk tisk Sandra Bullock, how did you not know?

by Lisa Mason Lee
on March 30, 2010

WEIRD NEWS: McDonalds Worker Slapped-Customer Dives Through Drive-Thru!

Bahahaa! I couldn’t resist reporting this story!

A drunk hungry man pulls up to a McDonalds drive-thru in South Brunswick N.J., and orders a Filet-O-Fish at 4:30 AM. The drive-thru did not meet this man’s time-sensitive demands, so he took charge with a slap and a dive!

NBC New York reports:

“Police said the customer crawled out of his car and into the drive thru window to get his fish sandwich, after slapping the McDonald’s employee in the face.
“His Filet-O-Fish was taking too long at 4:30 in the morning,” said South Brunswick Police Detective Sergeant James Ryan to NBCNewYork.
According to Ryan, the customer yelled at the employee and pushed him against the counter.
“After he slaps him, he takes his food,” said Ryan.
Perhaps suggesting how hungry the suspect was, Ryan said he then threatened the employee by telling him “I’ll be waiting for you when you get off work.”
The police report said the suspect “then walked out of the store with his fish filet sandwich,” went to his car, still parked in the drive thru lane and left.
However, he never came back for the employee, leaving McDonald’s and Bill Bass to wonder if the suspect had ever seen or heard the words to its TV ad “Give me back that Filet-O-Fish, Give me that fish.””

on March 30, 2010
on March 30, 2010

Jesse James Enters Rehab

jesse james tattoo bike 490x392 Jesse James Enters Rehab
TMZ is reporting, Jesse James has entered an Arizona rehab center. Sierra Tucson attempts to rehabilitate people with drug, alcohol and sex addictions.

James was stopped by CHP on the 10 freeway in Blythe, CA, for driving without a front license plate and tinted windows, TMZ eariler reported, now word is James was in fact on his way to rehab.

James reportedly told the officer he was going to Arizona to try and save his marriage, the cop let James go with a warning, so finally James caught a break.

on March 26, 2010

Dennis Hopper Receives Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Easy Rider, Dennis Hopper, finally received a much deserved “Hollywood Walk of Fame Star” located in the most prestigious place, next to Peter Fonda‘s Star and in from of the Egyptian Theater. On hand for the 30 minute event were fellow Hollywood royalty and entertainers, Jack Nicholson, Viggo Mortensen, David Lynch and Dwight Yoakam, among others. Hopper was bandaged on his face and wrist, injuries sustained from a fall outside his home recently.


on March 25, 2010

Disney Lovers Still Together

I haven’t seen Zac Efron with his long time girlfriend Vanessa Hudgens for quite some time. They are out in the world, well in the Malibu bubble, holding hands! Britney Spears goes to the same shopping center for her Starbucks stops. I go there sometimes, and every time I go, I see a celebrity. Last time I was there, Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers was there pushing his kid in a playground swing!


on March 25, 2010

Jesse James Mistress #2 Comes Out!

Sandra Bullock’s husband Jesse James keeps digging himself into a deeper hole! He recently got caught with the Nazi stripper Michelle McGee, and now this hoe Melissa Smith! If one mistress comes out of the mist, you can always guarantee theres more to follow!

Melissa Smith is a stripper, and she ended her relationship with Jesse James in 2008. But who cares that it was a relationship from 08′! It’s never too late to ruin someone’s life and reputation! Now is a perfect moment! reported:
“Melissa Smith claims her relationship with James began in 2006, while he was already married to Bullock. As previously reported, James approached Smith on her MySpace page which eventually led to Smith taking a trip to his West Coast Choppers office where she says they “ended up having sex on his couch, and he didn’t use a condom.” They would meet for trysts in his office every couple of months before ending it in March 2009 when James’ affections cooled. Smith explained: “We stopped hanging out because his attention was on the next woman.””

Radaronline then reported today that Jesse James text messaged Melissa Smith yesterday! Their source said that Jesse text Melissa- “I’m angry at you and disappointed you’d do this”.

The source continued to say…
“Melissa said that he was obviously referring to the fact that she has talked about their affair, even going so far as to share his text messages with the world – that was the funny thing about him texting her when she had already done that – you’d think he would of learned his lesson!”

“Melissa is pretty p***ed about the way Jesse treated her, she thinks he just used her for sex then when he got bored he threw her aside and moved on, so she thinks he’s really got some nerve texting that HE’S disappointed in HER.”

on March 25, 2010
on March 24, 2010
on March 23, 2010

Transformers 3 is Now in Production!!!

megan fox TRANS 224x300 Transformers 3 is Now in Production!!!

Transformers Director Michael Bay finally wrote on his blog after months of mystery! If you’re a Transformers geek like me, you’ll be happy to know that Transformers 3 is now in production! Read Bay’s exciting news:

Hey, it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. Just been a little busy.

Transformers 3 has been going very well. We are going to shoot in LA, Chicago, Washington DC, Florida, Texas, Africa, Moscow, and China. On the talent front, we just locked in Frances McDormand and John Malkovich. Both amazing actors I’ve always wanted to work with. We also just got Ken Jeong, he is the super funny actor stuck in the trunk from “Hangover” and the Doctor from “Knocked Up.”

We start shooting pre-shoots in about one month.

I also was at a Ferrari charity event this week raising money for a hospital being built by Ferrari in Haiti. I announced that night the newest Autobot to join Transformers: the Ferrari 458 Italia.

I also want to thank everyone on this site that donated to the Make -A-Wish charity. We raised $20,000 which I will personally be matching. This is a great charity where they make wishes come true for kids who are very ill. We have had many Kids from Make-A-Wish visit us on our Transformers sets and this time we will be posting video of their visits on Transformers 3.

Michael Bay