Simon Cowell Donated $150,000 To Israeli Army

Simon Cowell is catching some heat after it has surfaced the former American Idol judge donated $150,000 to the Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces.

The gift, which helps fund the Israeli army, was made last year, but only now is Cowell under some anonymous mean-spirited scrutiny.


As a result, Cowell began receiving images of dead Palestinian children on Twitter and has been accused of helping Israel invade Gaza. Continue reading

Simon Cowell 10-DAY-OLD Jetsetting Sunbathing

Simon Cowell new baby is already flying on planes and soaking up the Miami sun, two things doctors strongly advise against..
dog-licking-cowell son-7

Cowell and his new bride, Laura Silverman, continued to parade their new son around the beach until the child exhibited signs of sunburn.. Even letting the family dog lick the baby excessively on the mouth. Continue reading

Simon Cowell Your American Ignorant


It must be nice, while people all over the word suffer with a variety of troubles, chaps like American Idol’s Simon Cowell are driving Million dollar cars, introducing Cowell’s $1,000,000.00, 240 MPH, Bugatti Veyron.

Sure Cowell has the money, and mostly thanks to our patronage of TV shows like American Idol and XFactor, however, is it not a bit, well, obscene to be this flashy in these times? I admit this is a bit of sour grapes as I try and figure out how to pay the gas bill this week, however, I am also thinking about other everyday folks also suffering with money problems and how this type of excess must make them feel.

Hey Cowell, go take a bath in champaign in the privacy of your own mansion, use 100 dollar bills to wipe your ass, I mean, light the fire place, buy your dog a condo, whatever, just stop rubbing in all of us little people’s faces…