How many celebrities will we need to lose to prescription drug abuse before doctors stop prescribing them? Is the high profile deaths of many of our beloved music and screen stars not enough to make you stop? Are you fearless, hiding behind a medical degree?

Celebrities wake up! The doctors want you to get on these drugs and the reason is simple, once you’re hooked, they have you right were they want you. The masterful dispensing of these legal killers is no different from the drug pusher on the street, except for the fact, doctors have a licenses to kill. Once you’re dependent on the drugs you will need your prescription every 30 days (or less) which means your doctor will be seeing a lot more of you. Maybe you won’t have to pay, maybe your insurance company is footing the bill, but you will pay and possibly with your life.


Maybe you’re not famous, you may be a star father, mother, sister or brother. The doctors don’t care who you are or what you have to lose, they simply want to keep the money and you coming in.

Now there are some good eggs, some doctors who do not prescribe pain medication willy-nilly, and to those fine men and women of the medical profession I solute you, however, to the docs who continue to write those prescriptions to folks who either do not require them or are at high risk for abuse, I say this, your days of manipulating the system will soon come to an end, and in the end your trail of destruction, all be it great, will always lead back to you and your conscience.