Bad boy and father of 8 with Kate, has turned the corner for the worse again this week. The infamous Playboy Jon Gosselin, has wrecked his marriage since the success of his TV show “Jon and Kate Plus 8″. Jon has turned into some kind of celebrity. He hangs out with Ed Hardy’s Christian Audigier now, and he has been photographed with girlfriends/women other than his wife Kate.

There is nothing really attractive about this guy, but he is breaking hearts! What is it about him? Well, after watching this “Inside Edition” interview with his fling Kate Major, it’s plain to see that he either sucked in bed, or he was amazing and she’s just mad that they are over. You decide…


Here’s a tidbit of what Kate Major says ‘in tears’ about her former fling with Jon Gosselin:

Do you regret sleeping with Jon Gosselin?
“Yes, very much so…I slept with him just a few days after we met…he said he was falling in love with me…I’m ashamed…this has publicly ruined my rep…he has embarrassed me, hurt me and lied to me.”