Radaronline reports: “On Friday night, Twilight fan Theresa had the good fortune to stumble upon the entire cast and crew of New Moon partying the night away. Everyone from Robert Pattinson to writer Stephanie Meyer made the scene at the upscale Blue Water Cafe’ & Raw Bar in Vancouver’s hip Yaletown district for the celebration, which lasted until almost 4:00 a.m.

Rob Pattinson got friendly with co-star Kristen Stewart [looking stoned in this photo]. The pair took a private 15-minutes smoke break together and were “enjoying each others’ company,” Theresa says. They even exited the restaurant around 3:30 in the morning arm-in-arm. However, when they saw the fans and photographers huddled outside, they quickly separated. The two shared a limo—separately from co-stars Greene and Lefevre—and were photographed sitting close together, knees touching, inside the car.


Earlier in the day, Theresa said she spotted what appeared to be Pattinson’s car in the parking lot at Stewart’s hotel. But after gossip blogs suggested the pair would arrive at the party together, Theresa speculates the two decided to go it alone to avoid more rumors that they’re more than just friends. One other interesting fact: Theresa notes that Pattinson was wearing the same clothes—“down to the shoes”—in pictures taken in Los Angeles the very next day.”