• Salpoo

    My favorite show next to Breaking Bad! Why is it being cancelled!!!

  • Jones Davis

    Hah, Italy demonstrators rally against Berlusconi

  • Gun

    Why did you put a stop to such a wonderful show ? Come on! You caan tell me the ratings were not there. Please bring thiss sshow back.

  • As Charlie Sheen says, this atircle is “WINNING!”

  • I became VERY ADDICTED to SOA, more so than smoking for 41 years. I had no problem quitting smoking but having a harder time not being able to watch this. Awsome Show

  • Anonymous

    Save Sons!!

  • susie watson

    If Direct drops SOA I will drop Direct!!!! It is the ONLY show I care anything about!!!!

  • Gman

    I love Sutter too, and I think he’s a creative genius the way he has crafted this year’s SOA series. I won’t miss my episodes but that’s because my DISH employee account has FOX channels guaranteed for several years. I for one wouldn’t stand for it and I would switch companies ASAP to avoid missing the final 5 episodes. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if the message from Sutter changed to that one soon since the Glee creators are already saying it.

  • erin

    PLEASE PLEASE dont cancel SOA!!! It is my favorite show ever!!!

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