New Scarlett Johansson Movie BOOED!

Scarlett Johansson‘s new movie “Under The Skin,” was unanimously booed after a recent screening in Milan! The actress plays the role of a predatory alien and the theme of the movie is said to be a mix of mutilation and masochism! Nice! The sci-fi flick has already been panned and banned in South Korea and now it is rousing utter disbelief and laughter at the Venice film festival!download (8) Continue reading

Cops Set To Release Drunken Reese Witherspoon Racial Tirade?

Reese ‘one too many‘ Witherspoon, managed to make it through most of her adult life without getting herself arrested, So Cheers on that! Well maybe that was a poor choice of words.. From what I understand, officials not only released a much clearer mugshot picture of the star, they will also be releasing a tape in which Witherspoon can be heard calling the arresting officers some very awful things… But did it get racial? Stay tuned.. Well Reese, good thing you married your agent! He’s a drunk and maybe he just helped you end your career! Now Reese is royally kissing up to authorities by releasing an overly apologetic statement, in hopes they will forgo releasing the audio and video of her embarrassing arrest.. Let’s hope that ploy don’t work on law enforcement!


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Tarantino’s Django: 109 Instances Of The ‘N’ Word

Quentin Tarantino‘s new movie, Django, digs up the bones of a deplorable chapter in America’s history and in doing so he used the N-word a staggering 109 times before the end credits roll. Hooray! holiday movie…

Just to be clear, I did not go and watch Django (The “D” is silent,) and then count how many times the selectively forbidden word was uttered, actually, Hollywood heavy hitters, Variety, were the ones to take on that task — and here’s some of what they had to say,

True to its spaghetti-Western roots, the pic reveals most of its stoic hero’s unspoken motivations through garishly colored flashbacks, though Tarantino and editor Fred Raskin (stepping in for the late Sally Menke) seem to realize that limited glimpses of such white-on-black sadism go a long way. Filmmakers who choose to portray this shameful chapter of America’s past bear a certain responsibility not to sanitize it. But here, even as it lays the groundwork for “Django’s” vengeance, dwelling on such brutality can verge on exploitation. To wit, the film problematically features no fewer than 109 instances of the “N word,” most of them deployed either for laughs or alliteration.

Anyway, I don’t really have a problem with multiple instances of the N-word in a movie, I got used to that in the blaxploitation movies of the 70s and 80s, what I have a problem with is Jamie Foxx, one of the movie’s co-stars, coming out on Saturday Night Live, saying he was delighted to get a roll where he could “kill all white people in the movie” I don’t care what anybody thinks, that is some ignorant s**t…

Will Ferrell Now Wants To Be A Cop


What a hottie Will was!

He’s set to star in a cop comedy with Mark Wahlberg. It’s about time Mark took something a little less murderous.

Entertainment Weekly/Variety reports:   “A bidding war broke out on Tuesday for the action-comedy B Team, which will be directed by Adam McKay and star Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg as cops, Variety reports. It’s understandable, right? Isn’t that all the information you’d need to greenlight that picture? I’m actually giddy thinking about it…

Anything Will Ferrell does is pretty much awesome. Here is a favorite clip- Will Ferrell as George W Bush