Scarlett Johansson‘s new movie “Under The Skin,” was unanimously booed after a recent screening in Milan! The actress plays the role of a predatory alien and the theme of the movie is said to be a mix of mutilation and masochism! Nice! The sci-fi flick has already been panned and banned in South Korea and now it is rousing utter disbelief and laughter at the Venice film festival!download (8)

Described as “an undeniably ambitious but ultimately torpid and silly tale of an alien on the prowl” by trade magazine Variety, “Under the Skin” is one of 20 new films in competition for a prestigious Golden Lion at the 70th annual festival. Source.


Johansson plays an alien named Laura, so that’s kind of a bad start.. Shouldn’t she have some kind of exotic name like Atari or Leeloo?

“People would take pictures of you with their camera phone and not help you, all kinds of strange things,” Johansson told a press conference.

The uplifting film starts out with with a woman cutting off her teenage son’s genitals, as he cries in agony, rage and arousal.. Go figure.. Stay in your lane Johansson..