Las Vegas Bound Jet Grounded After Passengers’ Spontaneous Sympathetic Vomiting

A Delta Airlines flight headed from Las Vegas to Raleigh-Durham was forced to execute an emergency landing after numerous passengers fell ill and began vomiting.

The airline is calling the incident a case of “sympathetic vomiting,” which occurs when the sight, sound or smell of a person vomiting causes others to become nauseated and throw up

Sympathetic vomiting

According to radio traffic, a person began vomiting on the plane, followed by five cases of “sympathetic vomiting.”

Flight 841 touched down just after 6 a.m. Because the incident was over so quickly, emergency workers were returned to their regular duties. source

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New Scarlett Johansson Movie BOOED!

Scarlett Johansson‘s new movie “Under The Skin,” was unanimously booed after a recent screening in Milan! The actress plays the role of a predatory alien and the theme of the movie is said to be a mix of mutilation and masochism! Nice! The sci-fi flick has already been panned and banned in South Korea and now it is rousing utter disbelief and laughter at the Venice film festival!download (8) Continue reading

Johnny Depp in Cute Man Pajamas!

Here’s Johnny! More pictures of Johnny Depp on the set of “The Tourist”, filming in Venice, Italy. Looks like Johnny Boy is doing his very own stunt on the balcony! Good going! But wait…
That dude to the left, just behind Johnny, looks like he could be Johnny’s stunt or body double. They have the same style of hair and same beard! Props to him for risking his life if he is Johnny’s stunt double! Those guys never get enough praise!

Robert Downey Jr. with 15 y.o. son ‘Indio’ in Venice, Italy

Robert Downey Jr. and his rocker son Indio, are vacationing in Venice, Italy, and they were photographed cruising through The Grand Canal on a boat.

**New Pics Of Indio Downey**

This photo only caught Robert’s face along with all of the curious onlookers, so I found a picture of his son just incase you were curious what he looks like! Indio is all of 15 yrs. old, but looks like he’s at least 21! Oh and attention young girls- he’s also in a band called “The Jack Bambis”, who I saw open up for my friend/singer Josie Cotton. The band is all under 18.  My oh my do kids look so old these days!


RDJ's son Indio