Sarah Palin: Todd Broke Back, Ribs, Shoulder, Clavicle, Knee, Leg, Collapsed Lung

Sarah Palin revealed the extent of her husband Todd injuries after he was involved in a near-fatal snowmobile accident in Alaska.

Todd Palin was admitted into a hospital’s intensive care unit over the weekend suffering multiple injuries including broken and fractured ribs and other bones, knee and leg injuries, and a collapsed lung.

todd palin snowmobile accident scene

Sarah Palin posted an update to her Facebook to let everyone know exactly what’s happening. Continue reading

Website To Carry Sarah Palin Trump Interview CRASHES Over HUGE Demand

Houston, we have a problem. The website that is said to being carrying Sarah Palin‘s highly anticipated interview with GOP front runner Donald Trump, has crashed just over an hour before the event is scheduled to kick off.

How to watch directions are below, however, be advised, is reportedly down as indicated by (see below.)

sarah palin trump interview oann 3

Talk about bad timing! The demand for this interview must be huge!

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Bristol Palin BLASTS Erick Erickson: You Posted Revealing Pic Of My Mom With Santa

Bristol Palin took to her personal blog to kinda-sorta endorse Donald Trump while slamming Erick Erickson, of RedState, (the guy who recently fired Trump from an important speaking engagement,) over posting a provocative photo of her mother, Sarah Palin, which appears to have been photoshopped.

From Bristol’s blog,

Erick Erickson bristol Palin 2

Want to learn some “lessons in sexual and political decency” from Erickson?  Here are three: Continue reading

Sarah Palin In Talks To Join THE VIEW

Sarah Palin spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about a possible seat on ABC’s The View.

Pending the departures of Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy, Palin revealed in Monday’s interview, she’s actively interested.


All reporter Marisa Guthrie had to do was ask Palin if she was generally interested in hosting a political talk show and she quickly opened up about her apparent desire to join the ABC daytime show. Palin said: Continue reading