Scary Russell Brand ARREST Mugshot

Earlier today, Russell Brand was a WANTED man! He had a warrant out for his arrest in New Orleans, for throwing a paparazzi’s iPhone into a glass window, which ended up shattering!

Brand was then arrested today. It is unknown if Brand turned himself into the police this afternoon, or if he was found and then arrested. Later today he was released from the police.

Brand is currently shooting his new film in New Orleans, co-starring with Julianne Hough.

This photo is his booking photo/mugshot taken at the police station earlier today. We feel sorry for him, as he is still healing from his divorce from Katy Perry.

Katy Perry TGIF (Last Friday Night) Video Curse Explained

Rumors have been flying around that Katy Perry’s video T.G.I.F. aka Last Friday Night is CURSED!What’s so cursed about it?! Well, I did some research, and I found a few odd things that led me to believe it might be cursed, or the house that they filmed in is!

In this video, I tell you why I think it might be cursed! Make sure to comment what experiences you’ve had with the video and song!
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Russell Brand’s Sex Addiction Cause Of Divorce?

Is the reason for Russell Brand divorcing Katy Perry, because he desperately wants to sleep with multiple partners again, and get a sex fix?! Is she not giving it to him?

Brand just may be filing for divorce with Perry because of his need for something new, but some say it’s because she is still hot for her ex boyfriend- lead singer of Gym Class Heroes, Travis McCoy, you know “The One That Got Away”?

TMZ’s Harvey Levin thinks that Perry was “blindsided” by Brands filing, saying the two were just fine, until Christmas weekend, when there was a rumor the two had a bad fight and spent the holiday apart.

Soon after, Brand was seen alone in London, not wearing his wedding band. Perry looked sad, swimming in the ocean in Kauai, HI, all alone.

One fight on Christmas surely can’t cause a divorce. There’s something else.

Soon enough I’m sure we’ll know the truth.

Russell Brand and Katy Perry Announce Divorce

Russell Brand and Katy Perry have finally explained why they spent Christmas apart, and why they haven’t been wearing their wedding rings!

russellkaty Russell Brand and Katy Perry Announce Divorce

Russell Brand has filed for divorce with wife Katy Perry. He stated in the divorce file that they had “irreconcilable differences”.

Brand put out a statement on the divorce saying, “Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”

The two were married in October 2010.

BREAKING: Katy Perry Russell Brand Secretly Marry

We knew marriage was the plan for pop princess Katy Perry and bad boy Russell Brand, however, by the looks of Brand’s wedding finger the knot was secretly tied!

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – Tuesday October 19 2010. Russell Brand was spotted wearing a gold band on his wedding finger as he heads out for a jog from his London hotel. Brand, who is engaged to Fireworks singer Katy Perry, is rumoured to be marrying the American pop star in a lavish ceremony in India this coming weekend. Brand was not wearing a gold ring on that finger at the Despicable Me premiere earlier this month, nor at his Booky Wook 2 book signing in Edinburgh. Did the vows have come early?

YouTuber LisaNova Gets an Interview with Katy Perry!

Way to go! My YouTube buddy “LisaNova” was commissioned by YouTube, to host an interview with Katy Perry. Perry’s questions all came from YouTubers, and Perry talks about her “boobs” a lot, she talks about kissing girls and even talks about her fiancé Russel Brand and how he would be a good Dad. Way to go on that score Lisa! Watch the 30 min. interview right here.

Katy Perry gets “Complex”

katy perry complex 00 Katy Perry gets Complex

In a shocking yet sexy turn of events “I Kissed A Girl” singer Katy Perry dresses it up S&M style for Complex magazine. In the magazine Katy gets down and dirty about men, she thinks T.I.’s cute but says Lil Wayne is too grindhouse.

Check out Katy Perry in the new Complex Magazine

That must be some new 2009 lingo because I thought Grindhouse was a Tarantinomovie.  She also talks rather openly about real boobs, Jesus, and her love of fruit. Random.  To see more of these scintillating pics  go to