Is the reason for Russell Brand divorcing Katy Perry, because he desperately wants to sleep with multiple partners again, and get a sex fix?! Is she not giving it to him?

Brand just may be filing for divorce with Perry because of his need for something new, but some say it’s because she is still hot for her ex boyfriend- lead singer of Gym Class Heroes, Travis McCoy, you know “The One That Got Away”?


TMZ’s Harvey Levin thinks that Perry was “blindsided” by Brands filing, saying the two were just fine, until Christmas weekend, when there was a rumor the two had a bad fight and spent the holiday apart.

Soon after, Brand was seen alone in London, not wearing his wedding band. Perry looked sad, swimming in the ocean in Kauai, HI, all alone.

One fight on Christmas surely can’t cause a divorce. There’s something else.

Soon enough I’m sure we’ll know the truth.