Trump Orders Back Bust Of Winston Churchill Removed By Obama White House

An iconic bust of Winston Churchill that was controversially removed from the Oval Office by Barack Obama is making a heroic comeback compliments of President-elect Donald Trump.

Obama set the tone for his presidency by promptly removing the Churchill bust, but flash forward to today and without sending a memo or placing a phone call to King Obama, Trump has made plans to re-install the bust of the World War II Prime Minister.


Obama hijacked the office of the presidency for eight years, and with his seething hatred of America as the super power, he was propelled to go on his apology tour as he decimated our economy. However, what he didn’t get was that you can’t change the spirit of America or Americans. Continue reading

Mikhail Lesin Founder Of RT.Com Found Dead In DC

Russian millionaire and founder of Russia Today, now known as, was found dead inside a Washington hotel room, a Russian official and a senior U.S. official revealed.

Mikhail Lesin, a long-time adviser to Russian President Vladimir Putin who was in Washington for unknown reasons, had been staying at Hotel Dupont when he was found dead Thursday, according to officials.

Mikhail Lesin dead DC

U.S. authorities notified the Russian embassy in Washington that one of its citizens had died, and Russian officials are now working with American authorities to determine the circumstances of the death, the embassy told ABC News in a statement. Continue reading

Uber VP Exposed Planning $1M Revenge On ‘Unfriendly’ Press

Uber‘s VP says he would spend $1 million on an elaborate plan to take revenge on journalists who dissed the company..

The discomforting remarks emerged after Uber Senior Vice President Emil Michael threatened to hire “opposition researchers” to dig up dirt on journalists who reported unkindly on the company.

Emil Michael 3


Michael floated the notion of spending $1 million on looking into “your personal lives, your families.” “Nobody would know it was us,” he reportedly added. Continue reading

Piers Morgan Per Capita Quandary? UK 2,034 Violent Crime Per 100K Vs U.S. 466

Listening to characters like Piers Morgan and Diana Feinstein, you would think that the United States is one big shoot-em-up western, while the UK is a prim and proper, idyllic place without any hint of violence… Guess what? It’s kind of all bollox… The United Kingdom way out numbers the United States when clocking violent crime per capita.


Here are the REAL figures, compiled from official reports by the European Commission and United Nations:

  • The UK has the second highest overall crime rate in the EU.
  • It has a higher homicide rate than most of our western European neighbours, including France, Germany, Italy and Spain.
  • The UK has the fifth highest robbery rate in the EU.
  • It has the fourth highest burglary rate and the highest absolute number of burglaries in the EU, with double the number of offences than recorded in Germany and France.

Britain IS the most violent country in the EU! The report is based on the number of crimes per 100,000 residents.

In the UK, there are 2,034 offences per 100,000 people, way ahead of second-placed Austria with a rate of 1,677.

The U.S. has a violence rate of 466 crimes per 100,000 residents, Canada 935, Australia 92 and South Africa 1,609.

Royally Kinky: Queen Elisabeth Used Garments For Sale On eBay

Rare Royal bloomers go on the auction block and if you’re royally kinky and royally rich, you can own them.

Pictured is the Queen of England and a pair of her knickers that somehow ended up discarded on a private jet while she was on a goodwill mission in Chile way back in 1968. The royal underpants were retrieved by a male passenger who was also on that same flight, a guy known as “the Hugh Hefner of Miami” — and now that guy is selling Elisabeth’s unmentionables — on eBay — almost 5 decades later…

The bloomers are embroidered with the letter E (for “Elizabeth”) – four small pearl-like buttons and a monogram of the Royal crown, along with two flowers on a stem with leaves, and are hemmed with crocheted lace.

eBay lists the undies as an “item that has been previously used” in good condition, despite some yellowing with age. They have a 26 inch waist and are 16 inches long.

The listing also notes, “Since Buckingham Palace or the garment maker have not confirm or deny the authenticity that this pair of underpants are from Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, the estate cannot confirm its provenance and it is the buyer’s responsibility to do that on their own before bidding. In either case this is an excellent example of a vintage undergarment of that era and very collectable.”

Scary Russell Brand ARREST Mugshot

Earlier today, Russell Brand was a WANTED man! He had a warrant out for his arrest in New Orleans, for throwing a paparazzi’s iPhone into a glass window, which ended up shattering!

Brand was then arrested today. It is unknown if Brand turned himself into the police this afternoon, or if he was found and then arrested. Later today he was released from the police.

Brand is currently shooting his new film in New Orleans, co-starring with Julianne Hough.

This photo is his booking photo/mugshot taken at the police station earlier today. We feel sorry for him, as he is still healing from his divorce from Katy Perry.

Murdoch Cash Paying Celeb Hack Victims

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has apologized for his snooping employees, and has paid cash to 37 people who were hacked through email and phone, by Murdoch’s naughty employees at Newsgroup Newspapers (The Sun, News of the World).

Associated Press says, “Jude Law, Ashley Cole, John Prescott and Chris Shipman were among three dozen victims who received financial damages from Murdoch’s British newspaper company for illegal eavesdropping and other intrusions, including email snooping.”

Jude Law was 1 of 60 people who sued Murdoch, and his settlement today was ‘only’ 130,000 pounds (about $200,000) for defamation and illegal hacking.

Can that amount of money really satisfy someone who is a millionaire? Can that money take back the damage that Murdoch’s team caused?

Hey, I guess I’d enjoy a cash payout, why not!


Russell Brand’s Sex Addiction Cause Of Divorce?

Is the reason for Russell Brand divorcing Katy Perry, because he desperately wants to sleep with multiple partners again, and get a sex fix?! Is she not giving it to him?

Brand just may be filing for divorce with Perry because of his need for something new, but some say it’s because she is still hot for her ex boyfriend- lead singer of Gym Class Heroes, Travis McCoy, you know “The One That Got Away”?

TMZ’s Harvey Levin thinks that Perry was “blindsided” by Brands filing, saying the two were just fine, until Christmas weekend, when there was a rumor the two had a bad fight and spent the holiday apart.

Soon after, Brand was seen alone in London, not wearing his wedding band. Perry looked sad, swimming in the ocean in Kauai, HI, all alone.

One fight on Christmas surely can’t cause a divorce. There’s something else.

Soon enough I’m sure we’ll know the truth.

Russell Brand and Katy Perry Announce Divorce

Russell Brand and Katy Perry have finally explained why they spent Christmas apart, and why they haven’t been wearing their wedding rings!

russellkaty Russell Brand and Katy Perry Announce Divorce

Russell Brand has filed for divorce with wife Katy Perry. He stated in the divorce file that they had “irreconcilable differences”.

Brand put out a statement on the divorce saying, “Sadly, Katy and I are ending our marriage. I’ll always adore her and I know we’ll remain friends.”

The two were married in October 2010.