An iconic bust of Winston Churchill that was controversially removed from the Oval Office by Barack Obama is making a heroic comeback compliments of President-elect Donald Trump.

Obama set the tone for his presidency by promptly removing the Churchill bust, but flash forward to today and without sending a memo or placing a phone call to King Obama, Trump has made plans to re-install the bust of the World War II Prime Minister.



Obama hijacked the office of the presidency for eight years, and with his seething hatred of America as the super power, he was propelled to go on his apology tour as he decimated our economy. However, what he didn’t get was that you can’t change the spirit of America or Americans. Obama’s dark reign is over, and as one of Trump’s first official executive decisions, he welcomed back the Winston Churchill bust. We can only imagine that Obama must be livid. h/t madworldnews


Nigel Farage, the British politician who is known as the man who won Brexit for the UK, recently met with Trump, where the decision came to light:

“NIGEL FARAGE has revealed that Donald Trump will re-install a bust of Winston Churchill removed from the Oval Office by Barack Obama – in a clear sign of the friendship the new President wishes to foster with Britain.” [via Express]

Boom, drop mic.