Google Maps Lists Trump Tower As “DUMP Tower”

For reasons unknown, Trump Tower, President-elect Donald Trump‘s namesake Manhattan skyscraper, appeared on Google Maps as “Dump Tower” on Saturday.

Social media noticed the name change Saturday when searching for 725 5th Avenue in New York, the address of Trump Tower.


As of Saturday evening “Dump Tower” was still appearing on google maps when searching for the what is the home address of the future First Lady, Malina Trump. Continue reading

Trump Orders Back Bust Of Winston Churchill Removed By Obama White House

An iconic bust of Winston Churchill that was controversially removed from the Oval Office by Barack Obama is making a heroic comeback compliments of President-elect Donald Trump.

Obama set the tone for his presidency by promptly removing the Churchill bust, but flash forward to today and without sending a memo or placing a phone call to King Obama, Trump has made plans to re-install the bust of the World War II Prime Minister.


Obama hijacked the office of the presidency for eight years, and with his seething hatred of America as the super power, he was propelled to go on his apology tour as he decimated our economy. However, what he didn’t get was that you can’t change the spirit of America or Americans. Continue reading

Spiderman Or Stupid Man? Daredevil Who Scaled Trump Tower Criminally Charged

Stephen Rogata, the daredevil who made a failed attempt to meet Donald Trump in New York on Wednesday, is now facing jail time and stiff fines a day after he used suction cups to climb the 68-story glass Trump Tower in midtown Manhattan.

Rogata, 19, was charged with reckless endangerment and criminal trespass, New York City officials said on Thursday. The ascent is said to have been an attempt to meet the building’s famous namesake.

Stephen Rogata trump tower youtube

The campaign headquarters for Donald Trump, the Republican presidential nominee, are inside the tower, along with the penthouse condominium he calls home. Continue reading

Woman’s Donald Trump Protest Fails In Funniest Way Ever!

Estefani Mercedes, a woman aiming to teach Donald Trump a thing or two by delivering him a huge batch of yellow Mexican dahlias, failed in a way that can only be described as pure comedy.

Mercedes, carted dozens of Mexico’s National flower to Trump Towers, but her protest fell short of hitting its intended mark, literally, in classic instant comic-karma fashion.

Estefani Mercedes donald trump protest flowers

Estefani Mercedes struggled with her massive bouquet as she tried to navigate the revolving door at Trump Tower in NYC. Continue reading